Monday, January 19, 2009

Picking Sides.

Coming in 2 weeks is the #3 holiday in the US. 1-Christmas, 2-New Years, 3-Super Bowl Sunday. Funny enough its not an official holdiay. To be a loyal all-American citizen one is required to 1-attend a Super Bowl party (whether you watch or not) 2-bring a side dish of BBQ wings or Jack Daniels Mini-Weiners, and 3-Pick a side!!

You may not watch football-except on Super Bowl Sunday, and you may have not a clue who is playing. That, however, does not exempt you from being required to pick a side and stick with that team even if they are loosing by 20 points at half time. Unless you drink so much you forgot (again) what teams were playing and get to pick again.

But, this year, choosing a side is not hard at all for me. You are reading the words of a long-time standing Kurt Warner fan!!! No I am not an Arizona Cardinal's fan (except for this Super Bowl), I am a Kurt Warner fan. I have his jersey, albieght a Ram's blue jersey, a picture, and even an ornament. For a long time my email address was onewarnerfan. I wonder if that still works?

So, may the best team win, but may that team include my loveable Kurt.

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Anonymous said...

I hope your side wins!! I haven't picked yet!! I'm just going to be there for the food.. WINGS!!!

btw. Glad you noticed I spent WAY TOO MUCH time on PW's site today!!