Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A bit MIA

Sorry that I havent posted as much the last few days. I have been reading on another site. Its a really cool homeschool site!! It is all free and has tons of unit studies and Lapbooks! I have been staying up late nights reading all of its awesome content.

I found a lapbook for the book Corduroy. We are just on the first part of it, making a little rhyming book. Mustang was happy to play with her scissors today. She also got to play with glue-until she glued one of the pages to the wall when I was busy with Charger.

We own the book Corduroy and I raided my scrap book stash to come up with materials to make the book. I will take pictures of it when we are finished-which should be tomorrow.

The website is HERE (click on here) and the Corduroy unit is HERE

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