Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank you to Izzie, Mac & Me & to Me & Marie!!

I won, I won, I won!!! Where are those little jumping smilies when you need them? I am by no means tring to brag, I am just beyond surprised, thrilled, and thankful that we were the winners of an AMAZING learning tool this week. I never win anything, except the occasional free soda from a bottle cap-which says one in 8 wins and it takes me about 29 bottles Mbefore I win.

I have been doing a lot of homeschool blog surfing this week, and I stumbed upon Izzie, Mac & Me. She has tons of creative & fun ideas to do with your tot at home. Its a great blog and I highly recommend it.

Just so happened that the day I came across Izzie, Mac & Me, there was a give away for a fantastic color learning packet. She did a post about the color green packet HERE. I loved the package and though, what the heck, I will enter. Wont win, but I am going to try any ways.

The package is made by Me & Marie. She is a former teacher and is now a SAHM that teaches her tot at home. She makes really cool educational tools and sells them on Etsy for a VERY resonable price. Her Etsy store is HERE .

Fun enough, we won this cool pack on Mustang's 4th birthday, so she got to pick the color. I knew for sure she was going to pick the pink package and I was WRONG! She says her favorite colors are pink and purple, but apparently when given a choice between the two, her favorite color is purple. So purple is the pack that we ur actually she chose. I have looked over the pack and boy is it cool!

We will be using the package and blogging about it VERY soon, but right now we are out of black ink and nearly out of color so everything prints green. A fugly shade of green I might add. So, as soon as Daddy replaces the cartridges, we will be learning all about purple.

THANK YOU so very much Izzie, Mac & Me for the awesome give away! And THANK YOU to Me & Marie for the awesome color package. We are in love!

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Me & Marie said...

I just stumbled across your blog and this post. I am so glad you like the learning pack! Thank you for your kind words about my products!!!
Ashley from Me & Marie