Friday, October 9, 2009

Animal Matching

It seems that matching animals ended up being a theme in itself this week! Here are 4 great games to work on matching animals.

First up are these cool blocks. They have the front half of an animal on one block and the back end on the other. If you match up the two blocks, it makes the animal sound! I have never seen these blocks anywhere else, and they were a hand-me down from a neighbor. If you have seen them and have any clue where I could get more, please let me know.

I found this fun game at FileFolderFun I just signed up for their site this week. They have some really neat games there! I was very pleased that Charger caught on to this game so fast. He picked up the cow right away and then grabbed the match. We really had fun with this one.

Mustang matched heads and tails of animals with her new Tot Book from 1+1+1=1 (blogged about here)

And the best for last! This very, very cool toy we found for just 2.00 at the Goodwill :) It was literaly in like new condition. I feel very blessed to have found it. I probably should have saved it for a gift, but I was not alone in the store. It is the Little Tikes 3-D Farm Memory Match Up Game and I found it online here

The little animals come apart into 2 pieces. You hide the pieces under haystacks. Then you set it up like a regular game of Memory. The person with the most matched animals at the end wins. It's also able to entertain my DD alone for a good 2 hours.

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