Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fill a Bag Book Sale!

I went to my first ever bag sale at our local library today. I have been missing out! It wasnt a skimply little plastic sack. It was a huge department store bag with handles, and if it was over flowing that was okay too. $3.00 a bag. All this fit into one bag:

65 books plus a Bob the Builder video. About 10 of the books were cheap board books that I could have done without, but it entertained Mustang to be able to find books and put whatever she wanted in the bad without me saying no ;). Yes, a few of them might end up in our next donate/yard sale pile, but that's okay!

Some of my favorites include a text book from our local Catholic School (many of the books were donations). It is called This Is Our Heritage copywrite date is 1967. It is a Faith and Freedom Basic Reader. A quick skim looks very interesting. We also picked up an Usborne sticker book that had only a few of the stickers used (albeight in the wrong places).

I skimmed through the piles and picked up books I remembered from my childhood. Anne of Green Gables, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, A Summer to Die, Lisa's War, Sing Down the Moon, The Family Under the Bridge, and a ton more.

I was thrilled with our purchases. I will be looking for these kind of sales in our new area as we wont have a local library and the 'big city' library charges over 100 a year for a library card. At that rate I could probably open my own :).

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