Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tot School Week 5

Tot School

Mustang is 48 months, Charger is 22 months.

Tot School was a bit shorter this week, but we still had a lot of fun. One reason it was shorter was that Mustang had a dentist appointment. In the waiting room we found the book 'Show Me Your Smile.'

Normally, I dont recommend character books. In fact, I generally avoid them. But, this one was great! It described exactly what was going to happen when Mustang got into the big chair to see the dentist. It really calmed her fears and helped her know what to expect. If your tot is headed to the dentist, I highly recommend picking this book up first.

Back at the house...

We read the book Pastry School in Paris, which talks about measurement. It was a very cute book, but it really was a bit too old for my kiddos.

Then, we weighed things using this super cool scale we checked out at our library. Yes, we have the coolest library on earth and I am going to miss it sorely when we move :(

Mustang was interested in the weighing for a few minutes, Charger could care less. So, plan B...

I gave them each a container of beans and some measuring cups and spoons and let them measure and pour and transfer till their hearts content. Mustang wanted the scale, too. They poured for a long long time. Then they switched bean containers and poured again. 2 hours later, my shag carpet had a lot of beans on it, but they had a great time. This was by far the favorite activity of the week.

We read the book Applesauce Season. Great book!

Then, after a lunch of sandwiches and applesauce, we made these cute apples. I got the idea from My Montessori Journey. I didnt have any white paper plates and our heart shaped princess plates were not going to cut it, so I cut white circles out of cardstock.

I gave the kids strips of red construction paper and they tore them into smaller pieces to glue to the circle. I tore Charger's and he helped me put the red pieces on the drops of glue I put down. Mustang tore the pieces too small at first, but quickly got the hang of it.

Mustang received her first piggy bank from my parents for her birthday. We had fun going over the values and names of her money. But, the best part was putting the money IN the bank. Great fun and great hand eye coordination-especially trying to put the dollar bills in the little hole. I had to fold them up tight, but both Mustang and Charger were successful in putting the money in the slot. They were quite pleased.

We checked out this fantastic Time pack from our local library. It included the following items plus Eric Carle's Grouchy Ladybug. Both the Grouchy Ladybug and Monster Math School Time have pictures of clocks throughout the story. I had Mustang tell me the time on the clock in the book and then match her clock to the book. She could tell me the clocks that were on the hour, but no others. The toy clock only moved clockwise, so it really helped to teach her how a clock moves (she kept trying to make it go counter-clockwise). Charger loved the clock. He carried it around saying 'clock, clock.'

I picked up a cool workbook on time at our local Dollar Tree and took out the page that focused on clocks that were on the hour. I used Izzie, Mac & Me's reusable worksheet idea. It worked perfectly! So nice to know I can use it again in the future.

I found these big foam blocks at a yard sale for a 1.00 a few years back. GREAT investment! First we matched blocks. If you notice, there are different patterns in the blocks and Mustang thought we should make sure that not only the colors matched, but the patterns. Then we put them in order A-Z and 0-9. We stopped from time to time to sing the ABC song so that Mustang would know the next letter. This was great for increasing matching skills and alphabet order for Mustang. Charger worked on hand eye coordination and practiced the ABC song. It was also great fun!

For more fun ideas to teach your tot, check out 1+1+1=1 to see what others did this week.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Wow - what a great week!! I love those apples you made, and the foam ABC block activity (what a great deal for $1.00!). My son would love the weighing activity with the scale - I wish we had an awesome library like that!! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Great deal on the foam puzzle! I was just considering buying them new for Christmas~you know I would have bought them for a $1.00 if I would have found them! Good Job!

The Activity Mom said...

I just passed up that dora book at a garage sale and could kick myself. =( I'm LOVING the scale experimenting.

MoziEsmé said...

I love the way you tie activities to a book! We plan to start doing more of that...

sbswtp said...

You have a fantastic library!!! I really liked the scale activity :)

Musical Mama said...

I love the apple craft. I'm planning on doing that this week with pumpkins!