Monday, October 19, 2009

Multitude Monday Blessings 8-17

holy experience

Last week a friend refered me to an amazing site. I LOVE reading a new, inspiring, blog. Dont you? The blog is On her site, she has challenged her readers to make a list of 1000 ways that God has blessed them. Not all at once, little by little, to help us open our eyes to the ways that God shows His love in every moment of our lives. What an awesome challenge. I am so excited to see my list, and to see how it grows over the next few months.

8. For my man's willingness to put in long hours of work to earn money for our family. Harvest is a tiring time, I am so thankful for his dedication.

9. My mother. She was the first one to love me, and her love has been unwavering ever since. She is my constant, willing, loving, wise friend. She taught me that a mother is firm but faithful. Now that I am a mother, I understand the true value of her Godly example. I pray that I can do at least half as well in mothering my own children.

10. My father. My daddy. The one who always believes in me. The one who will not leave without a kiss or say goodbye without I love you. The dad who would bring a video camera to record every play, concert, game, or special event. He would yell my name when I stepped on a starting block and embarrass me, but I knew he was there, proudly cheering me on-even if I came in last place. I was always first place to him, and he made sure I knew.

11. My mother in law. She has such a sweet spirit. She has been an amazing example of grace and love to her children. She may not always agree with their choices, but she loves them anyways. She has always treated me like one of her children, and she taught her son well.

12. My father in law. A quiet, God-fearing man, who loves his children and provides for his wife. Calm, faithful, and loving.

13. My first brother. I dont really remember life without him. He was my first friend. The first to share with, first to fight with, first to love. One Christmas he bought Mustang a gift of three baby dolls! Three! What an amazing uncle. It was a hard Christmas, as we had lost our little angel that month. The way Mustang pressed her face against the package and started talking to them before we could even get them open brought my first glimmer of true joy back into my heart. That first glimps that, maybe, life could actually be fun again. Brings tears to my eyes reliving it. Thank you.

14. My sister. I am so lucky to have one. Our lives have taken different paths, and we rarely see each other, but its always a joy to spend a few moments from time to time. She is the sweetest auntie to my children. They look forward to her visits. My Mustang thinks she eats children... but that's for another post :)

15. My baby brother. It's been such a joy to watch him grow throughout the years. From a baby in my arms to a grown man with a baby in his arms. He is allowing God to use him, and it is awesome to watch what God does with a willing vessel. Just watching has been a blessing to me.

16. For my Sister in Law (baby bros wife). What an amazing woman God has sent my brother. She has brought him true happiness by, first, being a great wife, and then by having an adorable son with him. She has been faithful and encouraging to him. And, she has been patient with my family.

17. A first smile :)

I plan to post every Monday the rest of my 983 blessings. If you would like to join me, click the graphic above. God Bless!


deb said...

welcome to the community, it blesses in so many ways.
I love that you chose to honour your extended family, gifts that can be taken for granted .

Jillian said...

Aw thanks Lisa :)
We are thankful for you guys as well!
Are you and the kids already at the farm?
I heard you were "in the middle" of moving---which can mean all sorts of things.