Monday, October 19, 2009

Music for Mommies Monday-Watercolor Ponies

This weeks song is another oldie but goodie. And yes, another tear jerker. I hope you enjoy!

Watercolor Ponies
by Wayne Watson

There are watercolour ponies
On my refrigerater door
And the shape of something
I don't really recognize
Drawn by careful little fingers
And put proudly on display
A reminder to us all
Of how time flies

Seems an endless mound of laundry
And a stairway laced with toys
Gives a blow by blow
Reminder of the war
That we fight for their well-being
For their greater understanding
To impart a holy reverance
For the Lord

But, baby, what will we do
When it comes back to me an you?
They look a little less
Like little boys every day
Oh, the pleasure of watching
The children growing
Is mixed with a bitter cup
Of knowing the watercolour ponies
Will one day ride away

And the vision can get so narrow
As you view through your tiny world
And little victories can go by
With no applause
But in the greater evaluation
As they fly from your nest of love
May they mount up with wings
As eagles for His cause

To hear the song, stop the auto music playing first :) Sorry, this isnt the full version but if you click on the link, it does play the entire song. I couldnt find it on Youtube or anywhere else :(. Its worth clicking the link, though!

Watercolor Ponies (LP Version) - Wayne Watson


KEE said...

Thanks for stopping by little corner.
This is beautiful, I had never heard it before.
Hope you have a great day and I'm looking forward to reading more about you!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!