Thursday, December 10, 2009

We are here!!

I can hardly believe it, but after nearly a year of planning, and many more of hoping and dreaming, our country road finally has a beginning!

I am so completely in love with our new home and surroundings. Yes, I realize that 2 weeks is hardly long enough to know if I am in love or just smitten, but the beginning of our journey has been wonderful.

I have so many things that I want to write about and cant wait to share with you. There are some really awesome things about living out in the middle of nowhere and some very different, potentially annoying things about living on a gravel road 1/2 mile from your neighbors and nearly 20 minutes from the closest Walmart.

The grand total of boxes came to 236! There is still another small truck load at our old home awaiting transfer. Anyone need a couple love seats?

I may not be quite as consistant with my blogging as in the past, but I cant wait to share our journey.

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feiler said...

Oh I am just so happy you're all moved and getting settled! Can't wait to see some of the pictures you'll be taking in your new area!