Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What I bought the Kids for Christmas

I dont know about you, but I dont much care for the 'hustle and bustle' of going shopping for Christmas gifts. Sure, at one time it was fun. When I had a little extra pocket change and the only person at home was my hubby. I would call a friend or my mom or sister and spend time looking at the various items for sale in the stores until I found the perfect item. Then, I would come home, turn on Christmas music and spend hours wrapping and decorating the packages.

Fast forward 4 years and I now have 3 children... Christmas shopping is NOT that peaceful time of year when the only frustration was trying to find a parking spot. I dont even take all 3 kids grocery shopping if I can avoid it, so I know I wont even begin to tackle store shopping with all three. Plus, Mustang is very observant and Charger has the memory of a hawk. No one would receive a Christmas surprise if I purchased their gift with my kids along.

We also moved to a much smaller area, with limited shopping possibilities. No Target, no Toys R Us, and no gasp, sigh, sob...Gymboree. So, I have done nearly all my shopping online this year :). I just started and nearly finished my shopping today, on just 2 websites.

So, for those of you still trying to finish up your Christmas shopping and need some ideas...here is what I purchased my kids. I will keep what I bought family a secret incase you are on my list ;).

We do gifts from Mommy and Daddy and gifts from Santa at our house, and this year we were blessed from the best Santa ever. A friend of mine from high school who I reconnected with on Facebook was giving away a Little Tikes 8 in 1 Climber. We were beyond blessed to receive this awesome toy, and it will be the Santa gift for all three kids this Christmas.

In their stockings, in addition to some Dollar Tree trinkets yet to be purchased, they will each receive one small toy.

Mustang will receive some Lacing Cards that I am going to be making. I hope they come out well. If they do, I will do a post on those after Christmas.

Charger will be getting a blue wooden car I found on Etsy from this seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/countrysidegiftsllc

Mini Cooper will be getting a wooden rattle from Sassy I found on Amazon. Its called the Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Spring Bouquet. Cute!!

From Mom and Dad, Mustang will be receiving a toy I have been eyeing for a long time. They show it often on the Tot School website. It is the Melissa and Doug See and Spell. It's supposed to promote the recognition of words and the letters used in it. I just went and looked on Amazon and from when I ordered it until now (less then 12 hours) it has gone up in price by 5.00!

Every time I ask her what she wants for Christmas, she asks for a 'dolly changing table' from American Girl for her Bitty Babies. Well, that isnt in the budget this year, so hopefully this fun diaper bag set will be good enough. I thought it was super cute. The Etsy store is here http://www.etsy.com/shop/discoknits

Charger will be receiving some really fun gifts too! We purchased 2 Playhut Tunnel type things from Anna (AKA Ms. Claus) that I know he is going to love. We also purchased a couple of cute puzzles from her and from my neighbor earlier this summer.

One of the puzzles he will be getting is the Melissa and Doug Chunky Wooden Safari Animals.

Mini Cooper was a lot of fun to shop for. There are such beautiful baby things right now! Being baby #3, she has all the things she needs, but it is fun to get a few special things just for her. Etsy certainly came through for us!

She will be receiving this beautiful blanket that I can not wait to receive!! The Etsy store is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MinkyBabyBlanket

and these adorable blocks from a really nice seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MoreCookiesPlease

and I also found this cool ornament for her first Christmas ornament from another Etsy seller. Her store is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/kkhoff11

I placed the orders today, so now all I have to do is hold my breath that it all gets here in time-one thing you DONT have to worry about at the stores. But, there will be less time that I have to keep it hidden :) Now, I am off tomorrow to finish my in person shopping, which is just stocking stuffers and some gifts for family. Wish me luck!!

I wanted to add, that if you click on the picture it should take you to where the item is for sale. Sorry they didnt work. I added different links that should now.


Kimber said...

Love it! I love all the wooden stuff! Also, I LOVE Etsy too! Great choices! The outside play will be so much fun!

KateO said...

Cute gifts! The climber looks awesome. I'd love one for our place, but DH won't let me, cause its something else to mow around. Bleh. Oh well.
Hey, I just noticed you follow my blog...its been a long time. Its crazy you have 3 kids now!
HOpe you get your gifts in time, and have a very merry christmas!!

Ashlee said...

Those are wonderful gifts! We have the See and Spell and it's a big hit with Miss H! Great job, momma. I'm sure they'll be thrilled!