Friday, January 8, 2010

Farm Life Friday: Keeping Warm

I have lived in the city my entire life. Granted the 'city' was first a town of about 1000 in the flat lands of Alberta, followed by a town of 8000 in Illinois, followed by a much larger Metro area for the last 10 years. I've never lived in the country, save for a 3 month stay at my grandfather's house when I was 5. And I have certainly never lived on a farm.

Unfortunatly, this is a rather 'boring farm' by farm standards. No cows, chickens, pigs, goats, horses, or even cats and dogs. Maybe an uninvited mouse or two that I would not like to know about, and there are, of course, the thousand or so ladybugs, but otherwise, nothing exciting. Soybeans, Corn, and us.

Even without a lot of animals to care for, there are still a lot of differences between living here and living in the city. My city friends seem to be rather interested in how I will survive out here in the middle nowhere (or the edge of everywhere as my FIL puts it), so I am going to try and blog about the highlights once a week or so.

Here at our new house we have a wood stove. Now, before you have complete visions of Little House on the Praire, we dont use it for cooking, its only used for heating a portion of our house. I gives off tons of heat, which is a huge blessing in the winter-especially this one!

We had a fireplace at our first apartment together. When we wanted to light a fire in it, we would go to the grocery store, pick up a small 5.00 bundle of wood, and go home to light our decorative fire in the fireplace. It was by no means a money saver. I mean at 5.00 a bundle, that burned for all of about 2 hours, it would take a fortune to heat the house.

That is why, I am so very thankful for a hubby who is willing to go out to our woods and cut wood! He has been cutting about once a week for the last month. Next year, he will try to get the wood cut before winter, but that wasnt an option this year.

A funny story about the first night we used the stove. It can burn very very HOT! But, its adjustable. I didnt know the adjustable part the first night. DH had to work early the next morning so he went off to bed and I kept the kids in the family room so they wouldnt wake him. He had put a huge log on the fire before he went to bed, and when it caught fire, it became miserably hot. 87 degrees was the hottest I saw it.

I was in a tank top and no socks. I had the baby in her diaper and Mustang refused to wear anything but underware. I had 2 windows open and I was sitting right by them. I was hot, frustrated, and a bit mad. Thankfully, it finally got cooler and we were able to think about falling asleep. But, the heat is forever etched into my memory. Thank the Good Lord I found out how to adjust it the next night!

Here are a few pictures of My Man loading the wood pile. Notice the window panes? Yep I took them from inside the warm house :) Maybe next year I'll help. Or maybe not.


Lindsay said...

My husband wants a wood stove in our next house! They had one growing up! I am cracking up about the tank top and no socks. We stayed in a house on vacation once and got the wood stove going and we roasted!

Becky said...

My gramma has a woodstove in her house and we always have to remember to dress accordingly when we visit. She keeps her house super hot (and often is wearing shorts and a summer top when we visit her). My gramma warms stuff up to eat on it sometimes too. My husband wants one eventually as well... although I'd love to have an alternative heat source, they make me a bit nervous. Enjoy the adventures of your new farm house. :)