Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tot School S is for Snow

Charger is 25 months, Birthday 11/07

After nearly a 2 month break, we are so excited to be back to school! We have made a few changes. We moved to a new house and a new area. We also graduated Mustang out of Tot School and into Preschool, so we will only be featuring Charger in our Tot School posts. I will be doing a seperate weekly post on Mustang. We do have a one room school house here, so many things are done together with different results being expected from each child. So if you read both posts you may see some repetition.

Our letter for the week was S

Our Theme was snow

We covered our letter S in stickers of snowmen, stars, and snowflakes. I pulled the sticker off the paper and then handed it to him to put on the S. Then he colored the S.

Charger transfered snowballs aka cotton balls from a bowl to an egg holder and then from one egg holder to the next. I gave him a spoon, which he used sometimes. He picked up the cotton ball and put it on the spoon and then just gave up on the spoon all together.

We read the book Katy and the Big Snow

Then Charger used his own tractor to shovel snow

We made a collage of S items. We looked through magazines and I helped Charger find pictures of S items. Then I cut them out and he helped me glue on the pictures. Then we went back over the S pictures. We found sweater, smile, seashell, sheep, sunglasses, snowman, snow, socks, skirt, and shoes.

We played with our new Aquadoodle. Thank you Grandma! And though the kids liked it, it did not take long at all for the entire mat to be blue.

That left us with a lot of extra school time on our hands and I had to come up with something quickly. So, I gave them a couple of empty moving boxes and let them play. They filled one box with our ball pit balls and had a home made ball pit. Pretty creative ;)

We played in the snow which you can read about here.

And ate snowmen for lunch which you can read about here.

We also made snowflakes that you can read about here.

Our sensory tub was full of seashells hidden in oatmeal. Charger got a shovel and bucket to look for the seashells, but the shovel was quickly taken away. He was using the shovel to shovel oatmeal onto the floor. Once he found all the seashells he spent a lot lof time hiding the shells in the sand. He kept saying 'hide hide.' It was pretty cute.

Charger put together Mini Cooper's new Sound puzzle from Melissa and Doug. Thank you Aunt A & Uncle T!

He also found matches that were the Same by playing Word World Memory from the Word World Tot Pack on 1+1+1=1.

I found Charger doing this Space puzzle on his own a lot this week. I was very surprised that he could handle a puzzle this complex. He got a number of puzzles like this one from Mrs. K and he LOVES them-thank you! Its all he does when he is left alone to play.

For more great ideas from Tot Schools all over the world check out 1+1+1=1. Thanks for checking us out!


sbswtp said...

What a great week!!! I love the snow in the house activity. Next time it snows here, I will have to try it :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week! I love the tractor shoveling the "snow." I need to read that book to Sammy!

Jo Shabo said...

Love the playing in the snow!! So much fun!
What cute little kiddos you have! :-)

melaniet42 said...

We need to get an Aquadoodle. I think my little one would just love it. Looks like you had a great week! I remember Katy and the Big Snow from when I was a kid!!!

Basia said...

I love the snow shoveling tractor. We don't get snow here, but my soon still points it out in books after we took him to the snow during the winter. He would really enjoy this activity. Thanks for sharing.

Theresa said...

What a great week! Love the sensory tub with oatmeal.. I am going to have to try that! :)

Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

I did the oatmeal sensory tub with Alyssa when she was about a year younger. I should have waited until she was older, because I had a huge mess in my kitchen. But, hey she had fun and it sounds like Charger had fun too! We are thinking alike. I am doing a snow theme this week - we had a few of the same ideas. GREAT WEEK! I would love for Alyssa to play in real snow (that was awesome), but we'll have to stick with Insta Snow.

Mrs. Taffy said...

I just have to comment on that book...I never knew it exsisted!! I'm going to have to see if the library has it, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel Mary Ann is one of our favorite books (by the same author)! You had a great week! Good job!

Lil' Ms. P said...

We enjoyed bringing the snow indoors as well. My son played in it for over a hour.

Susan said...

I love your sensory tub with oatmeal. We do a letter of the week here as a jumping off point. Lots of great ideas!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

You had a busy week!I love the oatmeal bin~ Great Idea!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

What a great week! Gosh, where do I begin?? How funny to see some similarities in what we are doing THIS week... oatmeal and seashells, and we have just recently read Katy and the Big Snow (def. a favorite!). I love that you had snow in the sink to play with - how fun! I really like the "S" stickers and the magazine collage too! Thank you for all the inspiration. :)