Friday, January 22, 2010

Farm Life Friday: A New Washer!

Okay, so I do realize that washing machines, both old and new are not unique to the farm. But, I am so excited to report that I have a new, energy efficent, non-leaking, washing machine!!

When we moved into this house, there was already a washing machine here. It was a step up from the one I left behind. It had a few more settings, and it was a Maytag. There was one major LEAKED!

We were told it probably could be easily fixed, and that the leak wasnt that bad. Now, this was coming from a wonderful person of whom I am very found, but there is a big difference between the way he used the washer and the way we used the washer. He is married, but they are empty-nesters. They probably used the washer for a load or two every day or so right? I mean, I truly hope there is a time in life that I can look forward to less laundry. I do about 3 loads of laundry every day!

I tried not to complain, since moving in already produced a long to do list for my hubby and a long list of things to pay for on a very tight budget, so I just made do. Making do included putting a couple of towels down in front of the washer to soak up the water that came out. Well, due to all the laundry I was doing, the 2 or three towels was up to 6 or 7 by the time my hubby realized that it needed to be fixed right away. In addition, it had started to think that draining was an optional part of the washing cycle. Let me tell you that not draining and leaking is a BAD combination.

So, last Saturday he took it apart and tried to figure out where it was leaking from. No luck. He spoke with his father who thought he had an extra old washer that we could have, but when they went to investigate it they realized it wasnt worth bringing home. Third time, was a charm. He loaded up the truck and went off to Lowes.

I really didnt want to be picky, since ANY washer was better then the leaking one that no longer really worked, but I didnt really want to buy a washer only to wish I had a different one in a year. I had only one major request-a big tub. I honestly expected him to come home with the cheapest one. But, he heard my request!

This is what he brought home:

It is a GE Profile with a 4.1 CU Ft tub :) Look at all those options! I actually think I should probably read the manual-though I am sure I wont. The hubby did an AWESOME job of picking this out. I am in love-with him of course :) My favorite feature? You can set it to automatically rinse twice. This is so awesome when washing cloth diapers! It even has a timer that tells you how many minutes it will be until the load is done.

I have ALL my wash done for the week. Now, if I could just get it to FOLD the clothes...


Jillian said...

Score! I am looking forward to the day when we get to pick out our own appliances--expensive, but SO worth it.

Anonymous said...

oo wonderful! Nice washing machine! I had one leak.. unfortunately I didn't realize it until I walked down the hallway and the water splashed as I stepped on the carpet! yikes!