Saturday, January 23, 2010

F is for Flower Craft

Materials needed:

1 piece of each green, yellow and pink construction paper
1 5x7 card or cardstock


Using this lowercase F template from Preschool Express cut a stem. Any lowercase F could be used, but the curves to this one looked the most like a flower stem to me.

Cut 4 petals from the pink construction paper.

Cut a circle from the yellow paper.

Cut a ric-rac grass from the green paper, I used precut scrap book ric-rac.

Arrange on a 5x7 card and glue down.

I added the letters lower to the f, and would not recommend it. I dont like the way it looked. I chose to use a card so that we could give Mustang's art work away instead of always having it here, accumulating, at the house.


Lindsay said...

oo super cute! I made a fun F craft with flowers a few weeks ago! I just wish it was spring to make them :-)

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

This is the cutest "F" design that I've seen! Thanks for sharing!

Jo Shabo said...

that F is for FLOWER is sooo precious! Never seen this idea before and I love it!