Monday, January 4, 2010

Multitude Monday Blessings 28-37

holy experience

28. My parent's willingness to watch my children while my man and I were sick with the flu.

29. The refreshing feeling of recovering after being ill.

30. The hope of The Ultimate Healing.

31. A safe and mostly uneventful move.

32. Friends and family willing to help us load our things on and off the truck.

33. Realizing that we are blessed with more worldly possessions then we could possibly want, let alone need.

34. Knowing someday our destination will not require I pack everything because I cant take it with me, and wont need it where I am going.

35. The most amazing views I have ever seen from my kitchen window.

36. A very fun Christmas with family.

37. Ringing in the blessing of the new year with family.

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Jenny said...

What a beautiful barn picture. I enjoyed reading your list, thanks for sharing.