Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Please Help Me! Organizing Dolly Stuff

Last week while I was blog surfing I found a very cool blog. It has over 4500 readers, so I have no clue what took me so long to find it, but I am glad I finally did. The reason I found the site was a weekly carnival called 'Works for Me Wednesdays' where the readers offer advice of what has helped them in their home. Too cool!

I really wanted to involve myself in the fun, but try as I may could not come up with anything that I did so well that it was worth advising others to do it my way. I am still trying to come up with something ;). Enter BACKWARDS Works for Me Wednesdays. This is where the readers ask how to to something and other readers suggest ways to do it. Perfect.

I actually more questions then one could personally answer in an hour, so I will skip to the question of the hour.

PROBLEM: My sweet loving DD has inherited her mother's packrat tendencies. Combine that with wonderful and generous family and friends and a few yard sales, and you have too much stuff! My DD has 2 Bitty Babies, 6 other dollies, 4 Build a Bears, and all the clothes, bottles, play food, stroller, etc, etc, etc to go along with them.

I do realize purging would be best, but is mostly not a current option. We just moved and did purge a bunch of stuff, but she already is sad she 'lost' things in the move and even told me she didnt want to go to Heaven because she couldnt take her stuff (she's only 4!).

So, how do I organize what she has?? I want her to be able to 1)find her things 2) have a home for each item 3) be able to pick them up herself 4) learn to respect the items. I want to be able to identify what she doesnt play with so I know what I can purge without notice.

Please note I do not have an Ikea, Target, Container Store, etc, anywhere close.

Thank you so much in advance!! Check out other questions at


Mom2fur said...

You could save egg cartons and use them for storing tinier pieces. Your little girl could even decorate them with stickers!
How about picking up a cute child's suitcase (maybe at a thrift store?) for some of the things?

Young Wife said...

I second the suitcase idea. Or a small trunk at the foot of the bed. Perhaps an under the bed box?

Lori.... said...

I really like the suitcase idea, but what I did when my Dollie was little was to buy different size rubbermaid boxes - but you could use shoe boxes or whatever you have, and sorted like items - bitty baby stuff with bitty baby stuff, etc. Good Luck!

Becky said...

We got one of these hammocks for my daughter's stuffed animals and dolls and only keep a few of them accessible to her. Right now I'm working on reorganizing her room, but I'm putting the few dolls and stuffed animals in a cloth bin. Doll clothes go in the bin too although we don't have a ton. Play food, I have several plastic containers (you know the ones that you can get deli meat in, those) and that's what I store her food in and other kitchen toys, and we only have enough that fit into her kitchen. I purged a bunch of her older kitchen stuff when we got nicer sets of things. I know how hard it is to get rid of stuff though. Another idea is to get some of those plastic drawers eventually and store things in there... the drawers are just see through enough that your daughter can see through to store things. Plus you can label (words and pictures) the drawers or containers and that can help your daughter to know where things go. Good luck! Let us know what works for you. :)