Friday, February 12, 2010

Preschool Letter L

We took the week off last week, and it allowed me to really prepare for this week. Because of that, we had one of our best weeks yet. I wasnt throwing things together at the last minute and I was able to really focus on the kids and their learning.

Our letter this week was L. Our sight word was Love, in honor of Valentine's Day.

Reading Mustang continued onto book #2, Dod and Bob in the Progressive Phonics series. She has been pointing out words that use d, o, and g in them. She can read dog, God, bob and dod without prompting. It is exciting to see her learning the basics of reading.

She also worked on this language tray, an idea I found on My Montessori Journey.

I created a set of lowercase hearts, which are available here, and had her put them in order A-Z. I then gave her a set of uppercase letters from the Dollar Tree to match up with the lowercase letters. Finally she matched picture cards to their beginning letter sound. I sat and worked with her on this and was both pleased and surprised at what she did and didnt know.

She is very good with her letters, but we are still working on our beginning sounds. She has always had speech issues, she substitutes letters a lot. This is making it hard for her to correctly identify her sounds. I am very interested to see if, as she starts to realize the correct sounds in a word, her speech will improve.

Writing Mustang practiced writing her letters d, g, o, and b with the worksheets provided by Progressive Phonics. She does pretty well with these, but one afternoon she did not want to work on it. She kept procrastinating and took a good 2 hours of taking breaks and excuses before she finally finished. I think I may set the timer in the future. This is one of the few traditional school elements that I have her do and her response makes me very confident of my choice to use non-traditional styles for the rest of our learning.

Arithmatic Mustang sorted heart beads by color, counted them, and then placed the correct number with each set of beads. Another idea found on My Montessori Journey.

She counted hearts and clipped the correct number with a clothes pin. This download was from Nicole at Tired, Needs Sleep.

She worked on patterns with heart strips I made for her. They can be downloaded here.

and she sorted hearts by size

We combined Math and Language with this tray. Mustang had to match the numeral with the written word for each number. She only knew the number one by sight. But, we worked together and as she sounded out the numbers she was able to match them. I could tell she was very pleased with herself in the end. The hearts are available here.

Practical life trays:

Spooning gems with a melon baller into a heart mold.

Transfering heart petals with tweezers.

For this one, Mustang was supposed to put pipe cleaners into the holes of the parm container and then use the beads to decorate the pipe cleaners. Mustang had other ideas. She decided to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners and then bend them into arches to create a tunnel. She also informed me that Mini Cooper wanted to watch her.

One of the most fun projects of the week was when we made candy necklaces :). Well, actually EATING them was the best part. I made sure there was one for me to make too :)

I hope you enjoyed reading about our fun. For a ton of great ideas to use with your Preschool student, check out the Preschool Corner on Homeschool Creations. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

What a super fun week! I love the bead sorting counting activity!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a great week. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to coming back here for more ideas and encouragement!