Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tot School: L is for Love

Tot School
Charger is 26 months

I really enjoyed this last week.  After taking a week off to regroup and it helped so much! Valentine's has so many fun things to do, too.

Our letter for the week was L.  Our sight word was LOVE.

After seeing the idea on Carisa's Blog, I gathered all the L's I could find in our house and put them in a bucket.  I also found all the items that started with L and put them in a second bucket.  Each day, we reviewed the letter and the sound by looking in our buckets. 

Lion, Leaf, Lips, Lid, Larry, Leo and Ladybug.

We read 'Love You Forever' by Robert Munch.

I had Charger match our wooden letters to a large poster.  The letters, posters, and trays all came from the Dollar Tree :).  He did so well with this!  He called out the letters on his own and then matched them as he found them.  He had a few problems with J, C & G, but he got them all without help.

I had Charger match colors with this game I made for him.  He matches the colors very well, this week I had him repeat the names of the colors after me as he made the match.

Together, we put numbers 1-10 in order using these hearts I made for him.  The activity went really fast, no time for a picture.

For this work, Charger put heart pics in the holes of a parmission cheese container.  He loved this tray and did it over and over.  He even went back to it after he had completed the others.

We made candy heart necklaces, or rather I made the necklace and he ate it :).

For this tray, Charger was to thread the pipe cleaners into the holes of the parmesan container, and then thread beads onto them. He did a great job with the bead threading, and really enjoyed it. He didnt leave the pipe cleaners in the container for very long.

Charger transferred gems with a melon baler. He was to put one in each heart. He put more then one in a few of the hearts and then asked me where the rest of the pieces were when he didnt have enough to put some in each heart. He did not seem to realize that, because he had three in one heart he would have zero for the others. I tried to explain it to him, but he never did get it. He love doing this one.

I set out a tray for Mustang that had heart count and clip cards that I found on Tired Needs Sleep. Charger saw them and wanted a turn. He really enjoys clipping. I will have to do more activities with clothespins for him.

We used our Do A Dots to paint an L for Lion and an H for Heart.

This was a totally impromptu activity. I was printing out these cool Bob the Builder sheets, again from Tired Needs Sleep, and Charger found me. He was so excited and wanted to play with them right away. I had some Poker chips handy, so I had Charger match colors. He LOVED this. Notice his Bob the Builder shirt? He also carried around these pages for a few days straight. I will need to print a new set if we want to play with them in the future, but it was worth it :)

Tiny Tot School

I caught Mini Cooper doing some cute things this week and thought I would share. She is always with us in the school room, so she is learning right along with us.

This week I gave her these cute penguins from our Penguin Bowling set. She loved the bright colors and the different noises they make. They are the perfect size for her to grab them and stuff them in her mouth ;). BTW, that link shows a very high price for this set. I got ours for 20.00 from Target, check there if you are interested.

I usually try to keep the strings for our blinds up high, but Mini managed to find this one the other day. She was moving it and completely fascinated by the fact that she was the one doing it. She layed there for a solid 15 minutes, playing with this string. It was very neat to watch.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look at what we did this week! We hope you found a few fun ideas to try with your tot. To see what others did this week, check out the weekly carnival at 1plus1plus1equalsone.


melaniet42 said...

I love that alphabet matching activity! I just saw some similar wooden, magnetic letters at our dollar store - I may have to pick them up next trip! I have a set of poker chips that we never use, so I'm thinking about trying a color matching activity with them soon - looks like Bob the Builder worked great for you!!

The Activity Mom said...

What a great week full of fun activities! Love how excited he got about the bob the builder sheets. =)

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

What a nice week! I love your dollar tree / alpahbet match - what a great idea! :)

sbswtp said...

What a great week! I love Tiny Tot School :) Fun alphabet activities. We have that poster from the dollar tree handy!

Giggly Girls said...

Fun stuff. I'm going to have to find that ABC poster. What a great idea. And clearly I need some poker chips too. LOL

Susan said...

The alphabet matching game is great. We had fun with the heart picks too this week!

Ashley said...

I love the ABC poster. I am definitely going to check and see if my Dollar Tree has the supplies. Lots of wonderful activities.

Anonymous said...

Great activities! I love the playing chips on the bob the builder pages :-). I need to do some clothes pin activities this week!

Shaunna said...

What a great week--I'm hoping to find the abc chart! My little guy is so kinetic so I'm starting tomorrow with the themed letter buckets that Carisa uses--glad they worked for you!

Our Little Family said...

What an awesome week with so many great activities (and I LOVE the pics from Tiny Tot School!). I need to get our clothespins out again. Last time we tried them, Maddie got a little frustrated, but we'll have to try it again soon!

Becky said...

I love those heart picks! And that melon baller... what a great idea. :) Lots of fun activities.

Elise said...

I am impressed with the great variety of activities you offer. I really like the idea of matching objects to a letter - the first activity you mentioned in this post. Your tiny tot school section was so very sweet.

Thank you so much for becoming a follower on my blog, I was very excited to see this.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh wow, what a great week!! I love the idea of putting the letter of the week and a bunch of things that start with that in a bucket... I think we need to try that!

Emma Hughes said...

What a fun and busy week you had!! Thanks so much for stopping by and following!! :) How do you think of Tot school themes each week... i know im going to find that part difficult!