Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday

I've missed a few days of blogging, but I have been online. It's been kinda nice to come on and just read other peoples blogs. No picture editing, no picture uploads, no typing (except for a few comments).

But, to not neglect my little blog (which I really do enjoy), I have a very hodgepod mesh of stuffs today.

By now, you have probably heard of the blog My Montessori Journey. If you havent, I highly recommend it! On Saturday, I got the idea to go to her blog and read it-from the start. I have been reading every single post and have gotten to July. Goodness, there is a ton of really great resources, downloads, links, and ideas all in one place. I am sure you will be hearing a LOT more from me about her in the near future as I put into practice the ideas I am currently collecting.

And on the subject of collecting, have you heard of Openoffice.org? Yes, I have indeed been living under a rock for the last few years. I guess this is by far nothing new, but it is very new to me. I have been begging the DH for Excel to make my handy lists, and he kept telling me to check out Openoffice. Course, I {stupidly} kept telling him that I had already done that. I thought I had checked it out one night a year or so ago. I have NO idea what it was that I looked at then, but I sooo wish I had found this before! Openoffice is kinda like Gimp. Its a user created software that is almost exactly like Office. It comes with a writer, spreadsheet, database, and presentation application. Oh and its free. Check it out.

So, now that I have the ability to make spreadsheets, I have about 10 of them going :). I have a list of things I want to buy for school-tools and art supplies, books we own, books I wants, ideas I have come across, menu for the week, and a price list. Yep loving my lists.

While I am recommending websites that you have probably already heard about {because I am generally the last to know} I finally found out about, and started using Google Reader. Goodness I wish I had found out about it a year ago! Google reader tracks all the blogs on your blogroll and puts them all in ONE place! You can read all 10, or in my case 147, of your favorite blogs without opening a bunch of browser windows and getting sidetracked. You can also star all your favorite posts so that you dont have to make a list-unless you, like me, LIKE making lists.

I actually have a few more things to share, but this is getting long enough, and I have groceries to buy to day-fun fun! So I'll try to post more tomorrow! God Bless :)


Carolina Girl said...

Love Google Reader. No other way I could keep in touch without it.

Ticia said...

Yeah, I love Google Reader too. I used to use bloglines, but then it was getting all wonky on me. The only downside is you have to want to read that blog for sure, because once you follow there's no subtle way of stopping reading.