Monday, March 8, 2010

School-Sort of

Tot School
Charger is 27 months

We only had one day of school this week-if you can even call it that. I had taken off time 2 weeks ago because I am still trying to get a balance of planning and having school in addition to doing normal taking care of 3 kids stuff. I thought I would take a few days, plan for a few weeks and be back in business again.

Instead, I ended up cleaning up paint which turned into, while I have rented the steamer I should shampoo all the carpets. That means I moved all our furniture into rooms without carpet. So, with all the carpets out I decided to rearrange furniture, and I ended up getting sick with all my furniture out of sorts. Nice eh?

So, I have been spending the last week trying to get things back in order, but I was feeling bad that we hadnt had any school time. What I decided was a choose your own adventure day.

I opened up our school cabinet and let the kids each choose 1 book they wanted to read, 1 educational toy to play with, 1 group toy, and all the puzzles they wanted. Hmm I just realized how that sounds. The kids are always allowed to read 'their' books, but we have special school books that are put away to prevent them from being destroyed.

Charger chose 'Cars and Trucks and Things that Go' by Richard Scarry, and our Mr. Potato Head.

Mustang chose 'No Girls Allowed' by Jan and Stan Berenstain, and her Princess flashcards {this really surprised me!}.

Together they chose to play with our Hopscotch game.

Mini Cooper chose her rattle.

The next morning I found them all together playing :)

I appreciated the chance to see what my children chose and it gave me a little insight into what I should be choosing for them. Mustang obviously prefers a more 'school' feel-flashcards, worksheets, etch. Charger loves to put things together. He loves puzzles and I think he felt that Mr. Potato Head was a form of puzzles.

To see what others did in their {much more planned out} school. Head on over to 1+1+1=1.


mother plus teacher said...

This is great. It's nice seeing their differing choices of learning.

sbswtp said...

I really like that hopscotch game, where did you get it? It is surprising sometimes, what they will choose :)

Kara said...

I am constantly having those weeks where I start off to do one small thing and end up doing a whole bunch! I love the different activities your children got to do.
And you won my SpellQuizzer give-away. If you could send me your e-mail (mine is I will pass it on to SpellQuizzer so you can claim your prize:) Congrats!

Michelle said...

Very fun!! Its so important to let them explore on their own-they learn and don't even realize that they're doing it!!

Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

oo yes.. that always seems to happen to me.. getting sick while in the middle of a project! I love the idea to choose your own activity!

Carolina Girl said...

I have weeks like that all the time. At first I felt quilty that we didn't get enough schooling in but we still always seem to stay on track so now I just roll with it. P.S. Steam Cleaned my carpets this week too.

Lil' Ms. P said...

I love the last picture of them. It is too cute seeing them working together.

Elise said...

I am also struggling at the moment with trying to find sufficient time to plan and make all of the activities that we want to do. I know that eventually things will settle back down. It can be a real balancing act at times.

Often, it's the spontanous activities that are the most fun and provide wonderful learning opportunities.

Trudie said...

I am also in a phase were I need to sort out some goodies, it feels as if the time just slips away and that I get nothing done! Looks as though they enjoyed themselves!