Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homeschool Hop #5-Our Style

This is week five of a very fun blog hop that I have been participating in. The Homeschool Blog Hop is hosted by Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom. Each week, she asks a different question about our homeschool adventure. This week, it's about our style.

Our Style? Oh I am supposed to have one of those? Hmm, okay. Well, actually I dont really have one {yet}. My kids are young enough and we are new enough to homeschooling that we are still trying out what works for us. I am also researching many options for when I feel that a curriculum might be necessary in the later grades.

For now, I guess I would call us 'Internet Eclectic.' We get our materials from wonderful friends who have passed on their used homeschool supplies, from yard sales and thrift stores and book sales, and from the internet.

I heard about Maria Montessori before I had children from a wonderful family friend who was going through a training school in BC, Canada at the time. I was so interested that I looked into the training myself, but never pursued it due to finances and time. I love Maria's ideals of following the child, and of hands on learning. That said, I have never been trained in the Montessori way, so the knowledge I have I have gleaned from other Montessori moms on the web.

I also love the ideals of Charlotte Mason. Her choice of using living books and hands on nature studies are both things I try to incorporate in our schooling. We currently live on a farm, not far from a waterfall and river. We have a pond, a thicket, a bunch of fields, and soon a garden not far from our house. Goodness, we even have caves. I want to take advatage of these resources for my children to learn from.

I have gotten so many ideas and encoragement from 1+1+1=1, My Montessori Journey, and Homeschool Share. The resources I have gotten from each of these websites and the moms who post on them have given me the material I needed and because of that, the encouragement I needed to let me know that YES I can do this!

I am really looking forward to reading everyone elses posts, because as a newbie I am trying to learn anything I can to make this journey the best I can for my children.

God Bless!

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Debbie said...

I sometimes wonder if we ever really settle into just one style?! I know for me I like to try new things if it works we keep it, if it doesn't we wonder away. It will all fall together for you and you will know when it is just the perfect fit!

Stuff On My Blog said...

I'm with you.. I refuse to stick myself & our homeschooling into a 'style' pidgeon hole!

Sherri said...

thanks for sharing your methods!
You have a wonderful blog...I look forward to reading more!

Tinkr said...

I really envy your location, it sounds beautiful.

Debbie said...

Yes, I envy your location too! I would consider doing regular nature studies if I lived in a location like that!

mother plus teacher said...

I have to agree with nature studies, we do them a lot, especially in the spring and summer months. We do not live in the "country" yet (moving there soon) but we live far enough outside of city limits where we can just walk outside and go on a nature walk. It's a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing with us!
(I'm glad your DH enjoyed the banana bread!)

Jessica S. said...

You are absolutely right!! Internet Homeschooling is awesome!!! Some much FREE stuff its astounding. :) I love the links you posted as well. Happy Homeschooling!!

Ticia said...

So, if you're thinking about doing the whole history in 3 cycles two great curriculum to look at: History of Mystery (which is the one I'm gonna get in a few months) or the Story of the World are both great and worth looking at.