Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nature Walk: Puddles and Shadows

The Lord was so good to us yesterday! The sun was shining, the wind was only sofly blowing and it was nearly 60 degrees!! By FAR the most beautiful day we have had so far this year. I even opened the windows. And, of course, we took a nature walk!!

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed balancing everything lately, but the Lord twice blessed us yesterday with a beautiful day AND a lesson with no planning needed.

Some of the wonderful things we observed on our walk:

First thing out the front door, we found a bunch of flies sunning themselves on our white house. We are learning a bit about insects this week, so we took advantage of the chance to see them up close. Yes I did want to find the fly swatter!

We found a spider who was enjoying the warm concrete.

We saw our shadows in the bright sunshine.

Charger found this puddle and ran back and forth for a good 20 minutes.

I was so excited to find buds on one of our trees. They are white and soft, so I let the kids touch them. I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of trees we have here!

We had a lot of fun looking at God's creation together. We hope you enjoy our findings. God Bless!


Sun-Kissed Scholars said...

There's nothing like a beautiful day and a walk outside. I love all of your pictures, but that last one is just fantastic! :-)
I'm so ready for summer. (yes, I could skip the rainy spring and head right into constant sunshine!)

SmallWorld at Home said...

Oh my goodness--I LOVE that last picture! Looks like a blissful day.

Carolina Girl said...

Great photos. The kids looked like they were having fun. These are my favorite kinds of lessons.

mother plus teacher said...

ooh I can't wait until we get better days around here, the kids and I both are itching for a nature walk. Great photos and thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

oo yay for some warm weather! It always seems to brighten my spirits too! That last picture is super cute! The fence would make a great place to some portraits :-)

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

You have such cute kids. It was fun to see the walk...I especially loved the magnifying glass.:)