Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nature Walk: Budding Trees and Walking Sticks

We took this nature walk 2 weeks ago as we were on spring break this past week.

Our Crocus now in full bloom. Beautiful!

We found a new plant growing up in the yard. Grandma told us they are Naked Ladies.

The buds on the trees get bigger and more beautiful each week!

And Mustang found this walking stick. I was afraid she would hit herself or ME in the head with it, but she did well, and man did she love playing with it!

Looking at these pictures I am just amazed at how different each of these plants looks now! I think after this week, I might do a progression on these plants...and I feel some life-cycle cards in my future. God Bless!

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Lindsay said...

beautiful nature walk and that stick cracks me up!