Monday, April 19, 2010

Phonics Objects Score

It is an on going project of mine to fill our Phonics boxes with little objects. I have a box for each letter of the alphabet. I plan to do a whole post on them when I finally finish them. But, I found 2 packages of animals at Wal-mart yesterday and I am so excited I wanted to share them with you. Plus, I know some of you are trying to find objects for your boxes and I dont know if this is a product they will continue to carry or a one time thing.

These packages were 3.00 each. They are not the highest quality by any means, so I would not recommend them for general unsupervised play with little kids, this is a 3 and up toy for sure. And yes, the flimsy trees and bushes and fences and rocks you might even want to pitch. But, these little packages had such a mix of animals!

The Jungle set has a giraffe, elephant, tiger, lion, and zebra like you would expect. It also has a gorilla, alligator, 2 monkeys {one not pictured}, a warthog! who has a warthog? {he didnt make the picture either}, pelican, ostrich, various cats {not sure which one is which}, hippo, and rhino. There's even a gazelle and an antelope {already in the A box}! Sorry for all the missing ones, my son was playing with more of them then I realized when I took this picture.

This is the farm set. In addition to way too many trees and fence pieces, there were mom and baby sets of cows, rams {this was why I bought the set}, horse, and sheep. There are also 2 pigs and a goat. I guess the farm set isnt as exciting as the jungle set-which would explain why there were a number left on the rack. I got the last jungle set at our store.

Here's a close up of the package if you want to look for them. They were in the toy department by the 1.00 toys. God Bless!!

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Anonymous said...

oo very cool! I love all of the different animals that were in each package! Great find!