Thursday, April 22, 2010

Short A Sound Box

Here's what was in our short A sound bin:

Sand Paper Letters

Lower case and uppercase A sorting from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Matching cards from Our Montessori Story

Sound Mat from Beginning Reading

an A flash card

A worksheets from Starfall

and our A object box:

A is for: Alligator, Apple, Antelope, Ax, Ant, and Airplane.

I also found this book at the thrift that was a great addition to the box-wish I would have found more in this series!

I've got some new ideas for future boxes. It seems that Mustang {the intended audience} isnt very interested in them. But, Charger loves them. So, I will be changing up the contents soon. God Bless!


Evenspor said...


Debbie said...

Looks like a fun activity for the kids. I would never have thought of a sound box.

Seizing My Day said...

I buy so so many books at thrift stores and garage sales!! Hold me back! I love that my kids love books... so I feed their hungry little souls!! he he!

Fun letter days! miss those! kinda!

Nezzy said...

Looks like ya found some great hands on learin' activities. What fun!!!

God bless and have a fantastic day!!!

Shannon said...

Love the letter activities!!

Thanks for stopping by and your comment. I'll be following!

covnitkepr1 said...

Sound box huh?? Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower and I invite you to look over my blog and perhaps become one yourself