Friday, April 23, 2010

Preschool Corner: Letter A

Mustang is 4 and 1/2

Our letter of the week was A, the short A sound. I brought out our Letter A box, but Mustang wasnt too interested in it. She is really into workbooks and worksheets and everything 'schoolish.' *Sigh* Part of the reason I chose to homeschool was so that my children could learn hands on instead of a bunch of worksheets. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, eh?

So, I have given in to her workbook love. I have found some great workbooks at Dollar Tree and she really enjoys working in them. For 1.00 I couldnt begin to print out that volume of color worksheets from my computer. They really are a great resource for this age group.

In addition to the workbooks, some of the highlights for the week:

Mustang graphed ants using a printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Worked on the A pages from her ABC book {a workbook a friend made her using worksheets from Starfall.

Played an animal shadow matching game from Canon. Thank you United Teaching for the link!

Sorted apples by color, counted them, and then put the correct number in each bowl. This became extra complicated because I accidentally put 8 apples instead of 6 in the one color. Oops. Mustang then informed me that she had 2 apples too many. I ment it that way, of course :).

I found this great game at the Dollar Tree. Its called 'Pooh's Go-Together Game.' As the title indicates, there are matches of things that go together such as a brush and comb, a hammer and nail, raincoat and umbrella, etc. If the pair is matched correctly, the cards make a puzzle on the otherside. Mustang mostly wanted to put together the puzzles. We are working on following directions.

We read a number of books about animals, so I had Mustang classify our plastic animals. I had her sort them by whether she would find them in a zoo or a farm. She only needed a slight bit of help on this, but in the end she got them all right.

Like I mentioned earlier, the biggest thing that we need to work on is following directions. For so long, I have given Mustang the freedom to work with a school 'toy' or manipulative with little or no direction. I allowed her to color worksheets the way she wanted as well. So, it is going to be a bit of an adjustment period to have to follow directions.

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Letherton said...

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Debbie said...

What a great week. Hang in there mom, many kids love to have those workbook pages. Selena that was what drove her when we first started, now she hardly notices if I don't bring them out. You have done a great job of providing her both.

Ticia said...

I love plastic animals for things like that, they're so much fun.