Saturday, April 24, 2010

CVS Game: Week 2

My little bit of loot. Missing a package of Peeps that were eaten already :).

Here is the breakdown of my spending:

Colgate Toothpaste {4.0 oz} on sale for 2.99, earn 2.00 in ECB, and used a 75 cent coupon printable coupon.
Xtra detergent on sale for 1.49 a jug {45 oz size}.
5 packs of Easter stickers .13 each, and a package of Peeps .19 {not pictured}, from the clearance rack.

Total: 4.57. I used my 4.49 in ECB that I earned last week,so my total before tax was .08!! And I earned 2.00 in ECB.

I also got a rain check for the great deal on ThermaCare.

I should have purchased more of the Xtra, but I wasnt 100% sure it was the best deal I could find. I took the ad with me when I did my Walmart shopping and found that it was, indeed, a great buy. So, I used my CVS add to get a price adjustment.

Like I mentioned last week, my CVSing is slightly different then some. I have tried to take a relaxed approach, hoping that I will stick with it for a long long time. I also hope that my basic couponing might inspire you to give it a try. Every little bit helps when you are trying to cut back on spending!

Running totals for 2010:
Spent before tax: 7.06, Total Saved: 18.85

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Kjirsten said...

Wow!!! Impressive!! Keep up the awesome work!