Monday, April 26, 2010

Netflix on Wii

I have been watching waaaaay too much TV this last week. I am generally not much of a TV watcher. I like a good movie from time to time, but I would much rather spend my free time on the internet then watching the boob tube.

We have had Netflix for years. Mostly it has been my DH's source of movies. He likes movies a lot more then I do, so he would often use his laptop and a set of head-phones to watch his various Sci-Fi and bad guy dramas. I especially liked this because I didnt have to worry about the kids being exposed to too much drama or violence at a young age.

Well, two weeks ago we found a little red disk in our mailbox. I thought nothing of it and set it on the hubby's desk. Little did I know how much I would love that little disk!!

Here's how it works. If you have a Wii and an internet connection, you just put the little red disk in the Wii. It will then access Netflix instant watcher through your Wii. It will give you a few hundred titles to choose from on their suggestions. If you want a specific title you put it in the que on your computer {its really quite easy, or I wouldnt be doing it}.

The best part is, that the little disk is no extra cost to your current Netflix contract. So, for just 8.00 a month, we have watched more movies this week then I have seen in months!! We dont go to see movies in theatres because I refuse to spend the ridiculous amounts of money they want from me, but 8.00/mo for as many as I want to see...that I can live with!

So what have we watched this week? Loads of Cailou, Bob the Builder, Veggie Tales, & Dora {okay so only the kids watched these-except the Veggie Tales}. Documentaries on how the Panama Canal, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Transcontinental Railway were build {really just the hubster on those}. Mustang and I watched An American Tail and Where the Red Fern Grows {love!}, and I watched Kindertransport and am half way through Julie & Julia. Yesterday, we all watched Ghostbusters. And last week, we watched our first Hola Pablo {I think that's what it was called}, a GREAT resource for teaching Spanish to kids.

So, yeah, if I am missing for a couple days, it may be because I am watching the TV. Do you have any suggestions of movies I need to see? I'm a bit behind!


Lindsay said...

hehe we just started using this last week too! We actually just signed up because we could use it with the wii. They have monsters inc on instant access and a few blue's clues in case you didn't know! I have so many movies in my queue :-P

Alisha said...

Ooo, awesome! I just called Netflix and my DSL provider. Look what you made me do, you bad influence, you!

Kara said...

Oh my I didn't know about this! We have been doing pay per view movies on Direct, but just one is 5.99 and usually the pickings are slim for family oriented. I will have to check this out!!

Aaron and Annette said...

We love Netflix! We've been watching their movies instantly for a while now. My hubby and I just finished watching "Uncle Nino" tonight. It was a cute movie. We like to pick a TV-series and watch episodes, that is our "down time" after the kids have gone to bed.

Scott said...


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