Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: Life Application Study Bible NLT

I have had the same Bible since Christmas of 1996. It is inscribed with my maiden name in gold lettering on the front. It was a gift from my high-school sweet heart, complete with a little letter in the back {dont tell my hubby mmm-k?}. I read it {nearly} every day, make notes in it, underline things, highlight, etc. Its well loved and well used. I'd been feeling like maybe it was time to replace the beloved friend, so I jumped at the chance to review this Life Application Study Bible {NLT} from Tyndale House Publishers.

Can I just say this Bible is BEA-U-TIFUL?!! Oh my goodness, I dont remember being more impressed with the look and feel of a Bible-ever {and I once worked in a Christian book store, so that's say'n something.} The soft, leatherlike feel is so silky and smooth, but the color is what I loved the most. On the front, the Lord's Prayer is written in a circular pattern, giving the binding a modern edge. It is also a 'Personal Size,' and is just a tad smaller and easier to carry then the standard sized Bible. My husband was sitting with me when I opened the Bible, and he was very impressed. It has a very masculine feel, and I think it would make a fantastic Father's Day gift!

By getting a new Bible, I will not have to give up any features as I have used a Life Application Study Bible for years. I love the footnotes, character studies, the summaries at the beginning of each book, the time lines, the maps...there is so much to love about the Life Application Bible. That's probably why it's the #1 best selling study Bible.

I am also looking forward to finally having my own Bible in the New Living Translation. I have had an NIV for years, but my hubby has had the NLT and I am looking forward to making the switch to this easy to read, yet accurate, translation.

Overall, I loved the Life Application Study Bible NLT Personal Size, TuTone. I would recommend it specifically for that special man in your life. It would make an excellent Graduation, Birthday, or Father's Day gift. God Bless!

Thank you to the Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complementary copy of the Life Application Study Bible for my review. I was not paid for my review and the opinions expressed are my own.


Rockin' C said...

I have been wanting this version for quite a while! One of the women in my Bible study group has it & I almost begin drooling every time she reads from it.

This would be a great Mother's Day gift! :)

Erik said...

Thanks for posting this review. I really enjoy the single column format that the NLT Life Application Bible presents. I'm going to check this particular Bible at my local Christian bookstore.

I switched to the NLT just this year and couldn't be happier. Below is a link to WHY I switched to the NLT:

and then, the NLT Bible that I purchased (though extremely nice externally, I wish it was single column instead of double column):

Keep up the insightful posts!

Erik said...

Sorry, the second link above was a duplicate; here is the NLT Bible I purchased after falling in love with the translation: