Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Was in the Basket: For Charger

Charger's basket really made me want to be a kid again, a little boy at that! I picked up a basket at the Dollar Tree that was printed like a soccer ball, which he loved.

In the basket, the bunny {me} left the book Digger Man. I picked this up for 1.00 during the Scholastic sale. He LOVED it. Backhoe he said as soon as he saw the book. Grandpa has a backhoe.

The second part of his gift was this 15 piece Viking Toys Chubbies Bucket. I found these at the thrift for 5.00 a couple weeks ago and it took everything I had to keep from giving these to Charger right away, they are so cool! He played with these things all day long, and even Mini Cooper enjoys them. I am sure we will be figuring out how to use them in Tot School.

Total cost of the basket was 7.00! I dont count the cost of candy as we put it in a community bucket at it often gets eaten by yours truly :). When I first had my daughter, I would never have thought of giving used items to my kids. But, as the budget grew a little tighter and I grew wiser to the fact that toys either get played with for about 5 minutes, or until they are broken {hardly in the middle around here}, used toys are now the preference. If you havent taken the plunge of Birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc shopping at the thrift, I highly recommend it!

Check back tomorrow for Mustang's basket. God Bless!


Evenspor said...

Great finds. We love Chubbies, and "Digger Man" is one of my boys' favorite books. I bought it for #1 when I was pregnant with #2 as a preparing-him-to-be-a-big-brother book, and it continues to be a favorite.

Anonymous said...

What a great basket! He sure looks like h loved it! I love finding things 2nd hand to give. Sammy's 3rd birthday is coming up at the end of the month and we got him a used vsmile and a bunch of games. We never would have been able to afford that new!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Visiting from UBP.

You have an incredibly cute blog!

And you homeschool- so do I.

Can't wait to read more here!

Have fun blog hopping, and please check out my other blog, too...


Fresh Start Academy said...

Great Easter Baskets
It looks like it was a very Blessed Easter for your family
Thanks for the compliments on my blog
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Anonymous said...
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Victoria said...

Love the basket! I often wish I was a kid again looking around at all the fun toys and books for Jake lol.