Monday, April 12, 2010

Zutano Itzy Bitzy Giveway!

What do these two babies have in common? Other then the fact that they are my babies, other then the fact that they are in their coming home outfits, and other then the fact that they are 2 of the cutest babies in the entire world? {I guess that's a lot of other thans} Charger and Mini Cooper are both wearing my FAVORITE newborn clothing line, Itzy Bitzy from Zutano.

It is the cutest, softest, most perfect fitting line of clothes for newborns. They dont swim in the clothes and they dont fall off {I speak from experience with Mustang's coming home outfit}.

Vanessa at Designs by Vanessa is giving away a 75.00 gift certificate to Zutano! The giveaway ends Tuesday April 14th, so hurry. And Good Luck!!

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Anonymous said...

oo fun! What cute clothes!!