Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Garden!

We finally planted our garden!!

Last Tuesday evening, the entire family headed outside to the plot that Daddy had tilled up for us. We brought our little packs of seeds, the hoe and a trowel. Mustang insisted we also bring along a shovel-which we did not use.

My parents had a garden when I was a kid and so did my IL's {MIL still does}, but this was the first garden for my hubby and I. Yep, after 10 years of marriage we are finally gardeners. I felt a bit strange being a farm wife without a garden, because that's what farmer's wives do-dontcha know? They grow stuff and can stuff and bake stuff. Or at least that's what I read once. Oh and they sew, too. I have a garden-step one.

We planted sunflowers {Mustang brought these home from grandma's}, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, snow peas and watermelon. After taking a quick poll, I realized that I am the only person here that likes veggies, so I am the one who picked what we planted. We do plan to add tomatoes and peppers, but you need plants for those and I havent picked them up yet.

It just so happens that we were learning about Davy Crockett and pioneers. I explained to Mustang and Charger that pioneers planted their own food. Mustang was quick to point out that Daddy had corn planted in the fields. I think the kids think we are pioneers :).

The cucumbers, lettuce, peas, and sunflowers are all already sprouting just 7 days later. It was so exciting to go out and see little green leaves sticking out of the ground!! I will try to get some updated pictures soon. God Bless!


Lindsay said...

oo yay! Congrats on the first garden! Year 3 for me.. no real motivation to grow anything this year.. however, I did learn to sew and have been sewing up a storm lately!

Debbie said...

Gardening is so rewarding. I miss having a vegetable garden, unfortunately we don't have the space or an area unless we wanted to shoot for the front yard, that gets enough sun to grow anything!