Friday, May 28, 2010

Product Review: CoverGirl Blast

CoverGirl is introducing a new line of eye and lip products and I am thrilled to get to 'try them out!'

I dont know about you, but as a SAHM, I am just not on the cutting edge of makeup. I mean, last I checked my 4 year old has her own idea of how makeup should be worn, and my 2 year old doesnt know what it is {except that its off limits!}. So when a little box of makeup found it's way to my door, I was very excited!

Their new eye product is called smoky shadow blast and I am LOVING it!!! It is every mom on the go's dream. Eyeshadow on a stick! One end of the applicator has step one-which you use to cover your eye lid. The other end has step two, which is used to give the smoky look. Yep, that easy! I go from being frumpy house wife to being hip and trendy thirty something in less then 30 seconds. Like I said-LOVE it!

Here is a video to explain the product a little better:

I do have to give one dislike, and that is step 2 already came apart. Its usable, but the crayon did separate from the stick. I'd only used it about 3 times.

Now for the lip gloss. Its called Shineblast. Available in 6 colors, the CoverGirl Shineblast adds a bit of sparkle to your smile. Honestly, I havent been able to really try the product. Reason? It SMELLS BAD! Sorry, but it does. I am not much a smell girl, but it has a plasticy mix with a hint of bubble gum flavor that makes me think of the dentist. So, other then the initial try. I really havent opened it. I liked the color, but I didnt find anything special about the actual look {lip gloss is really easy to find}.

So, overall I would HIGHLY recommend the CoverGirl Blast, but leave the Shineblast on the shelf. And if you live close to me {and know it}, give me a call, I have a few coupons to share!

God Bless!

Thank you to the CoverGirl Blast BzzCampain for providing me with free samples. The opinions expressed are my own.

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