Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Country School: Davy Crockett Hands On

Davy Crockett has been the theme of our learning the last few weeks, thanks to the DownloadNGo that we have been reviewing. Here are some of the fun, hands on, activities we did along with our study.

Grandma was nice enough to let us borrow her Lincoln Logs. First we sorted them by size.

Then we built a log cabin. I found out I'm not too good at this, and they kids apparently learned from me! We also went and looked at a log cabin, but it was raining so we just looked from the car. Sorry no pictures.

Mustang and Charger preferred to make Flinstone cars:

I pulled out our 'Cowboys and Indians.' Charger sorted them by color:

And I used them to introduce Mustang to skip counting by twos:

The highlight was when Grandpa called to say that he had a raccoon in the trap!! We went and looked. Great timing for our Davy Crockett lesson :).

We also got to know Grandpa's new hunting dog, Tank. Isnt he cute??? He's great with the kids.

We finished Mustang's lapbook, too, so I'll have that up this next week. God Bless!


Ticia said...

Now it's in my head again. Great unit!

Anonymous said...

What perfect activities for Davy Corckett!! Fun learning time!

Debbie said...

A great study of Davy Crocket! I love the lincoln logs. I want to get some so bad but then Selena's not much of a builder, oh well I will just play with them.

Sharra said...

I love your photos! Blessings, Sharra