Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Mother's Day Gifts

I had an excellent Mother's Day. I got to sleep in late, had dinner with my MIL and family, and spent time with my children. I also got a back rub from the hubby :). But it didnt stop there...

Remember how I said one of my favorite things is a good deal? Well, I found a great deal on this bookshelf at Walmart. It was $15.00 marked down from $28.00! The totes were 1.00 for 2, marked down from 2.00 for 2 {except for the teal and green ones, I had those before}. You cant see them all, but I got a total of 20 bins for 10.00. Which means, I now have all my bins and shelves for our new workbox system!!

My husband gave me $20.00 to take with me to the used curriculum sale in our homeschool group, and let me go without children {except Mini Cooper}. Shopping a sale for good deals without kids-yes that was a gift in itself!

I came home with everything in this box:

There was a HUGE freebie table, so some of the things in my box came from it. I also scored some fantastic deals, some of which I will be highlighting in the coming weeks as I tell you what's in there.

I came home from deal shopping to find my new bookshelf all put together and ready for use! There were even FRESH CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES courtesy of Mustang {with my hubby's help}. I got to sit in front of my new bookshelf, eating cookies, getting a 2nd back rub, while my children enjoyed some of the goodies from my shopping. The perfect Mother's Day :).


alicia said...

You are too funny. That's the kinda thing I'd be excited about too. Your shelves turned out cute and colorful. Glad your day was good.

Lindsay said...

awww perfect mother's day! Love all of the great deals.. I can't wait to find out whats in the box :-)

Aaron and Annette said...

that's awesome! this post made me smile :-) Glad you had such a wonderful mother's day! Sounds like you received the perfect gifts! (I spent my mother's day $ on things for Tot School too :) and two back rubs!!! Wow!

K-tribe said...

Great deals! Isn't is funny that we get all excited about getting good deals. Bookshelves look great!