Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nature Walk: Peonies and Pear Trees

I had intended for many of these to be part of sequence cards, showing the budding and flowering of many trees and flowers in our yard. Sadly, the best of my pictures are on my laptop hard-drive which bit the dust last week {my Photoshop is also on that computer}. But, there were still some beautiful things to see in this walk.

It's amazing to see how quickly things change, too. These pictures are from the 15th of April and not one of the flowers are still in bloom.

This is a Peony Tree. Beautiful!!

One of the apple trees. I dont remember what kind :(.

The other apple tree. It had the most amazing buds, I hope I can recover my pictures and show you in the future. I am told we have 2 kinds of apple trees, a pear tree, and two different kinds of peach trees and that they all produce fruit! I am looking forward to this fall!!

This is a Bradford Pear tree. It doesnt produce pears, but man is it beautiful. Sadly it is past its prime in these shots, but it is still pretty!

A flower on the huge Lilac bush in the yard. I LOVE the smell of Lilacs. For a week I had freshly cut Lilac blossoms in Mason jars on my kitchen window sill. It was Heavenly!

The bud of our first Iris, which are now in full bloom throughout the yard. Iris are one of my favorite flowers. I am sure you will see them on our next nature walk.

And my favorite picture for the week-which I think I might link up on My3Boybarian's Sweet Shot Tuesday...on Wednesday. A little closer this week ;).

We hope you enjoyed this walk. God bless!!


patty said...

your photos {your walk!} are lovely... i like the last and the close up of the peony best. and lilacs are always a favorite of mine!

thanks for visiting my blog yesterday-i appreciate your kind words!! :)

Lindsay said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Love all of the flowers and budding trees in your yard!