Friday, May 14, 2010

Toys My Kids Actually Play With: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home

I'm generally not a fan of toys that make NOISES, take up lots of SPACE, or have tons of pieces. but, since I've come to realize that I just described about 95% of all toys, I have had to learn to weight the bad against the good. The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home falls into the large & noisy toys category. But, my kids LOVE it. All three of them!
I should add that this toy also has a large sticker price. The Fisher Price site has 85.00 {yikes}, though I am sure you could find it cheaper. I did. $3.00 at a yard sale last spring. A few Clorox wipes, 3 new batteries and as good as new. Well, almost. Actually better then new in a way. It was supposed to come with a ton of little pieces-balls, shapes, mail-you know, the stuff you trip over, step on, and loose? {unless you have only one child...I miss that part of only having one child} but it DIDNT! The little pieces were lost at the other lady's house. Like I said, better then new :)
So enough about how we got the toy, lets talk about the playing with the toy.

It has a door. That's really all it needed. When Mini Cooper pushes on it, she hears 'creeeeeek Open.' Or sometimes, 'Hello.' It even has a setting that, when one of the kids opens the door, a sweet lady belts out a 'welcome home song.' And, YES it is a bit annoying and YES it gets stuck in your head and comes out at annoying times, like the middle of the night when you are trying to have some Mommy blogging time. But, the kids LOVE IT, and that's what matters.

Charger will sit on one side, Mini Cooper will sit on the other, and he will open and close the door for a game of peek-a-boo. They will both giggle for a good 10 minutes, together! An amazing amount of time for an 8 month old & a 2.5 year old busy boy. Yes, after 10 minutes real life returns and Charger tries to play tackle football, tackling Mini Cooper. It's a toy not a cure all.

It also has a radio that plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and The ABC Song. Mustang will turn on the radio and dance her little heart out. There is a light, complete with a switch. When its turned on it says 'ON.' When it's turned off it says...yep, off. There is even a mail box that is perfect for using as a tunnel for matchbox cars {since we dont have the mail}, or passing hand written notes.

All in all, I would say this is one of, if not the favorite to in the house. To see what other kiddos are actually playing with, check out the weekly linky at My Bilingual Boys. Um, nevermind. I just went and checked, and she isnt doing the linky anymore! Oh well, hope you enjoyed my post anyways lol!

God Bless!!


LIttle Momma said...

It's funny you posted this because we have the exact same house and we were just saying last night that we've definitely gotten our money's worth. Both of our kids love it and, even though Holly got it when she turned 1, she is still playing with it 1.5 years later. Definitely worth the price tag!

Ticia said...

She's still doing it occasionally, just not every week. I think she posted a couple of weeks ago.

Virginia Lee said...

Yard sales are the best ever. It makes what you find even better than buying it at the store. Something about the bargain, finding it first and well, really the bargain. =) Great toy!

Aaron and Annette said...

Our church nursery has this toy and our kids LOVE it! That's one of the first things they go for and they will play with it for the longest time!