Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Birthday List

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 31, which means I am no longer a number but a something. A 30 something. The good news is that I will be the same age for the next 8 years-30 something. In honor of my birthday I went to the dentist, took the kids to Burger King, and took a 3 hour road trip home from visiting my family for the weekend. I also got a great bunch of goodies from another homeschool mom whose kids have grown past the need for counting bears, sorting farm animals, and making designs from tangrams. But, as you can imagine I was THRILLED to receive them.

I actually started posting this LAST night on my actual birthday, but at this point was interupted by a small SURPRISE party!! I cant remember ever having one before (though I have a terrible memory). My MIL and SIL made me a sweet little cake and they brought it over along with my FIL to celebrate. Great fun!

So on to the birthday list. You've heard of the Bucket List I am sure. But this really isnt the same thing. Were any of you die hard Friends fans like I was? Did you see the episode of Phoebe's birthday where she finds out that she is actually 30 and not 29 and has to complete everything on her birthday list in just one day? It included things like bouncing around the block on one of those large balls. Strange list! Well, my list will, hopefully include a few less strange things, but the concept is the same. These are not things I want to do before I die {bucket list} just before I'm 32 {birthday list}.

1. Continue with my place for everything goal. Including ALL storage spaces.
2. Cut back all caffiene drinking to only 36 ounces {3 cans or glasses} a day.
3. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.
4. Learn to make my own bread.
5. Learn to make my own laundry soap.
6. Learn to make my own soap.
7. Make at least 2 picture books.
8. Complete baby books for all 3 kids.
9. Get a professional massage.
10. Learn to sew well enough to make each of the girls a pillow case dress.
11. Learn to sew well enough to make a bean bag counting game.
12. Finish reading my Bible all the way through.

These are in no particular order, just things I thought of as I went along. I tried to get away from 'eat healthy' and 'learn to sew' and 'learn homesteading stuffs,' buy giving measurable goals. I'll keep you updated as I complete a goal-or get close lol! I would also really like to have another baby, but that isnt in my control, so it didnt make the list ;).

Do you have a list? If not, maybe you are thinking of making one for your birthday? What would be on it? I'd love to read it! God Bless!!


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! Great list. Bread is truly an easy task, just takes patience. Let me know after you have tried it once, on how it turns out, I might have some great tips for you.

Ticia said...

If you want any tips on the sewing stuff, I'm more than happy to help.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had a great day! I love the idea of a birthday list! I might have to do this!