Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giving Everything a Place: Bathroom/Laundry

I am on a mission to give everything in my home a home of its own. This week's focus was my guest bath, which is also our laundry room...which is also about 4 steps from the front door. I have only one room in my house that I would rather guests not see when they visit {well other then the storage room, that's a given right?} is the laundry room. So, placing the laundry room in the guest bathroom would not be my idea. *SIGH* It is what it is...and I do thank God that I dont have to go to the laundromat!!

I realized that I really only organized the inside of the cabinets, the room itself was pretty clutter free. It does need some decorative touches-but that's for another mission.

As I went through each cabinet, I thought about how I currently use them and what I should keep in them. When we moved in, each cabinet was pretty much already full, so I emptied the remainder of what was in them. Then, I changed the heights of some of the shelves. What had been best for the last owners were not the best for me, but I just threw my things in when we got here and didnt really think about how I needed them.

Laundry Cabinet Before & After:

Um yes you do see labels. I dont think labels will be best in all of my rooms, but in this one I felt they were needed. Most of these cabinets had become 'catch all,' because they hold a lot of regular use, regular rotated items that just get tossed into a close cabinet when used. Since I am getting used to the fact that there is actually a place where each thing goes {and so is my ehem husband} I wanted these guides to remind me when I put things away to not just put them 'somewhere.'

And on the subject of labels. I didnt go buy a label maker {though I DID change my Facebook status that day to reflect my desire to own one}. I used purple printer paper, a marker, and packing tape. Works just as well!

Under the sink before & after

I added toilet paper! Nice touch eh?

The cleaning supplies before & after:

I have since added a roll of paper towels to go with the Windex. I hated that I was always going to the kitchen to get paper towels and getting distracted when I got there.

And the toiletries cabinet before & after:

I buy a lot of toiletries ahead of time due to my couponing. It helps to have them all in one spot so that you know what you have too much of and what you dont have enough of. I had so much toothpaste at one time that I was actually giving it away to family. But, I didnt have it all in one spot and ended up having to buy toothpaste at full price because we didnt have any.

I have found that these basket/bins are useful in every part of my house. Walmart recently clearanced them out for 50 cents a bin, I bought nearly every one. I would buy 5.00 worth each time I went to the store until they were gone! You will be seeing them in a lot of my posts, as they are the perfect size and shape for most of my cupboards.

My next spot is the clutter catcher right next to our TV. God Bless!

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Lindsay said...

Looking good! You are doing a great job!!