Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Life and Death

We just got back from an unexpected week-long trip to my parent's house. We had planned to go down Monday for an overnight stay as our last mini get-away before we start school this coming Monday. Well, as we were packing up our things, my husband got an email from his previous employer.

One of the things that my husband used to do was to run the payroll for the company. Apparently, over the weekend his replacement {a previous co-worker he considered a friend} had suddenly passed away and they were in need of his help. Thankfully, the Lord had prepared this week for us in advance as we were already packing to go to the area! We were also thankful for the unexpected financial boost of a few days in the office.

Obviously, the sudden death of his co-worker has been, at the front of my mind this week. The story behind her death has turned from sad to unbelievable when it was learned that her death was a homicide-not just a sudden death. So unbelievably sad, and so unbelievably close to home. It can indeed happen to someone you know, love, or even you.

It is a reminder of the fact that life has an end for each of us. And when that is, we do not know. His coworker was in good health, took good care of her eating habits, didnt smoke, wasnt over know 'indestructible' till at least age 70 or so by our society standards. I'm not saying that watching what you eat isnt a great way to improve the life you have been given, but it wont make you live forever.

So what if today were my last? I pray that it isnt. But if it is, what would I have wished I had done? I realize that there is ALWAYS something that will be left undone, but I have 2 things I want to make sure I do.

1-I need a Will. Yep, I am 31 years old, have 3 children and NO WILL. This is now on my to do list. Honestly, I could care less who gets my stuff. Really it's just stuff. But my kids, I care who gets my kids.


2-Love notes. I want to leave my kids little journals of my thoughts to my children. I plan to get a few little books and write in them from time to time. Lord willing, I'll live a long, long time and I can choose a time to give them their journals when they are older.

How about you? do you have a Will? A journal? Something else I havent thought of? I'd love to hear about them. Hug your babies just a little closer tonight, too. God Bless.


Annette said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband's friend. We tend to live our lives as if there is always tomorrow, when in reality we are never guaranteed the next breath.

I absolutely love the Love Note idea for your children. I got tears in my eyes thinking about it and am putting "two journals" on my shopping list for next week. One for my little man and one for my baby girl.... make that three journals, I think my husband needs one too ;)

Lindsay said...

oo how very sad! I need to write a will as well!!