Monday, August 23, 2010

365 Days Ago

I was holding this sweet little lady {well okay 364 days ago since this picture was taken on day two}:

5lbs 8oz & 19 inches long. Born at 8:20 am after my first completely natural birth. My tiny bundle with a huge temper and lots and lots of snuggles. She really is a sweetie!

Mini Cooper has been a great nick name for her! She is still only 17lbs 7oz and 27 1/2 inches long. But she can keep up with the best of them, trotting quickly behind her brother and sister, yelling loudly if a toy has been taken from her. She expects the best and is very decisive. She loves her momma and is STILL nursing at one year-whoo hooo!! It is amazing what you can learn about a person in just one year, and I cant wait to see what the next, Lord willing, decades will bring for Miss Mini.

Happy Birthday little lady!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what a cutie! Happy Birthday Mini Cooper!! :-)

Jillian said...

yay! she's so big!!!

Christina said...

What a sweet newborn picture! Happy Birthday to your sweet little sweetie! :) And have I told you that you're children are beautiful? If not, I'm telling you now! They all have gorgeous skin and hair!

Annette said...

awww! What a little cutie! That's great that you're still able to nurse her! I had to stop nursing Miriam at 8 mths b/c she had gotten sick with RSV and refused to nurse. I am thankful I was able to do it that long!
Mini is a good nickname! It suits her well since she is so petite! Happy Birthday Mini Cooper!