Monday, August 23, 2010

Mini Cooper's 1st Birthday Party-The Decorations

I am so excited to show you the spread from Mini's party! I must admit I've had more then one instance where I though 'Did I do that?' I was so suprised and pleased at how it turned out!

I found the materials to make Mini Cooper's shirt at Hobby Lobby, For under 10.00 I made a shirt for Mini & a shirt for Mustang's birthday next month. The package came with one of each number 0-9, I wonder how many birthdays I can get away with using the numbers? Ha ha! Anyways, the shirt determined the theme: Pink and black.

I decided at 1 am Wednesday night there should be a banner {the party was Saturday}. So I raided my scrap book stash {I havent scrapped in years} and came up with this. If I had it to do over again I would have bought a few new pieces of paper, but as it was I had everything I needed on hand!

And the spread.

Cupcakes from Wal-mart bakery {I wont go back there...story to come in another post} topped with cupcake picks I made with left over paper.

Glass candy bowls {1.98, Walmart} filled with M&M's, Gummy Bears, Tootsie Rolls we caught at the village parade ha ha!, and a reused spaghetti jar tied with a bow held the licorish. I made the little sticks from more scrap paper, taped them to straws, and decorated them with stickers.

Leopard print photo boxes on sale for 2.00 each at Hobby Lobby held the potato chips, and little glass pitchers I got for a quarter left the school shelves to hold string cheese and little umbrellas for drink glasses. Thanks to some couponing a few weeks ago, the string cheese cost 1.00 for a package of 10! And we were also able to offer Crystal Light drink packs that I got for free after coupons :)!

For favors Mustang and I made little felt flowers {like from our Creation lesson} out of pom poms, felt, and pipe cleaners in our craft cabinet. We attached little hearts that said 'Turning one was so much fun, I'm so glad that you could come! Thank you for celebrating with me! Love, Mini Cooper.' We gave these to each of the ladies that came {I dont think the men were too worried about coming, plus their wives got one}.

The party was just perfect! Lots of family members were able to come and share the special day. I'll share more pictures of the party in the next day or two. Hope you enjoyed the decorations. God Bless!


Annette said...

Everything looked awesome! There was alot of time, creativity and love that went into all of that! You did a great job! Could I book you for our next Birthday party? ;-)

KateO said...

Great job. Beautiful and creative!

Autumn Bradshaw said...

You are so creative! Your children truly are blessed to have such a doting mommy that would go through so much just to make a fun party! Happy birthday, Mini! :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing party!! Mini Cooper looks adorable in her shirt! What a fun party!

Lins said...

This party looks absolutely adorable! How fun to have such a fancy party for a baby girl! Love your pics!

Jennifer Flanagan said...

That looks great:) I have a 2 year old birthday to plan for October. So thanks for the ideas.

Thisishollywood said...

Fine celebration.The chances of anyone actually eating anything for fear of putting on any weight is rather low.

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