Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Learning Trays: Pumpkins

I wish I could have gotten these up before Halloween, but it was all I could do to have them ready for our class on Friday. So, think of them as early for next year lol! Some could be used for Thanksgiving, so not all is lost.

Pumpkin Craft {ART}

I found this in a prepackaged craft at Walmart. I wasnt keen on it because of the 5.00sticker price, but our Dollar Tree had run out of all of their art kits and this was all I could find in town! Turns out, I was pleased and so were the kids.

Level of Difficulty: Any {though some will need more help then others}
Objective: Using the sample card, have your child pick a face they want to make. Take a pumpkin and the stickers needed to make the face. Have your child stick the eyes, nose, and mouth in the right spots to make the pumpkin face.

Pumpkin Match {Pre-Reading}

Using the same kit I talked about for the pumpkin craft, I made up some pumpkin sets. Since I was able to use the set for 2 different activities, the 5.00 price tag seemed a lot more justified. They are very cute, too!

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Objective: Match the sets of pumpkins. There are a total of 10 sets.
Control of Error: Each pumpkin has just one match
Going Beyond: Turn this into a memory game and play with a partner.

More tomorrow! God Bless!!

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