Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tot School-Mini Cooper-18 months

What, huh, yep its me! We are finally moved in, which means that myself, my kids, our learning materials, and the camera all made it together!!

So here are a few things we did this week!

Mini Cooper. She is now 18 months and thinks she is 3 just like Charger. She has been working on hand eye cordination.

Dropping buttons-from Walmart-into an OLD Similac can.

Dropping gold St Patricks day coins into a green piggy bank. It DID end up meeting its demise when in fell off the table. Thankfully, it had already received plenty of play! Check out the concentration in the second shot!

Putting spring picks in a parmesean cheese container-and taking the last one and beating the others with it ha ha!

Really, other then coloring, these three trays have kept Mini Cooper's focus while I have helped the bigger kids with their lessons. She is free to play with other things in the school room, but these are what she wanted to do this week. Hopefully I can come up with something as good for this week!

For more great ideas for your Tot-check out

God Bless!!


sbswtp said...

She has gotten so big!!! Looks like some fun activities :-) We are actually using what looks like the same cheese containers this week for school (did you get them at the dollar tree? :-)) Have a great week!

Liz said...

Avery loves playing with her piggy bank! I love the concentration on Mini Coopers face, so cute!

Anonymous said...

ohh my word she is adorable! What a fun week!

Ewa said...

Hello from Poland
Looks like you had a great week !!!!
I love your dropping activity. I must prepare one for Antek. By the way you had an awesome header, you look so beautiful with your kids. Love.