Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bible Activity Book: Isaac and Rebekah's Wedding

One of the fun things we did this week was to make a new page for our Bible Activity Book. For this page we focused on Isaac and Rebekah's wedding-perfect timing to also discuss the Royal Wedding tomorrow! This wasnt the only thing we did, we also learned about Dung Beetles-which you can read about here. But, I figured this was the highlight.

Last fall I found a kit at Hobby Lobby with all the pieces to make 10 Native Americans. I had intended to use the kit at Thanksgiving, but we didnt get to it. The people came in perfect for this page-though, yes, Isaac and Rebekah do resemble the Wampanoag Indians a little more they probably should.

I used the Native American woman's dress as Isaac's robe, and traced it to make a white robe for Rebekah. I found wedding stickers in my scrap booking stash and used pipe cleaners and tulle for Rebekah's veil.

On the verse sheet, I printed Genesis 24:67. It is slightly paraphrased since the Bible verse simply uses he for Isaac and she for Rebekah.

On the page, I asked my children to draw Sarah's tent. I'm not sure what Charger had in mind :).

Charger's completed page, Rebekah and Isaac.

Mustang went ALL OUT for hers :). She even drew the food buffet.

We taped an envelope to the back of the page to hide Isaac and Rebekah until the big day!

Even Mini Cooper made a little person (maybe a wedding guest?). She decided that she should use it with our puppet stage. She and Charger played puppet show for quite awhile with their people.

This page was probably our favorite so far!

Hope you had a great week!! God Bless!

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Ticia said...

Oh, I like this idea!

Char said...

I love your bible activity ideas. I am already a follower but am stopping by from the friday blog hop. Great Blog.

MissMOE said...

How awesome. I'm sure these activities are really cementing the stories for your kids.

Elizabeth said...

Such a creative way to use what you had on hand! I bet your kiddos will remember this story for a while. :)

schmobes said...

Very cute! I think they look just fine. I love when I can use things I have on hand.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea! I love your Bible Activity Book - it's a great idea, and I love that your kids put it all together. :)

Emily said...

Hi! thanks for stopping by and for following! I love what you're doing with the Bible Activity Book! That looks like such a neat way to teach Bible stories!

Have a wonderful week!

Our Peculiar Lives said...

You have the cutest ideas!