Thursday, April 14, 2011

Isaac and Rebekah Story Box {Godly Play}

I've been working hard on another Bible Story box for our shelves. They are inspired by the Montessori Sunday School program, Godly Play. This box is based on Genesis 24.

When Abraham's son, Isaac had grown up, it was time for him to get married. Abraham wanted Isaac to marry someone from his homeland, but he did not want Isaac to leave the place where they were living. So, Abraham decided to send his servant to find a wife for Isaac and bring her back to him.

The servant was happy to help his master, but he was not sure how he would know which girl was the right one. He took 10 camels and lots of gifts for the new bride and began his long journey. As he walked, he prayed that God would help him to know how to find the right wife for Isaac.

When the servant reached Abraham's homeland, he saw a well. Then he had a plan! He prayed that the girl who was to be Isaac's wife would come to the well. He would ask her for a drink. If she gave him a drink-AND offered to give water to the camels without him asking-then he would know she was the one.

A girl did come up to the well!

So he went and asked her for a drink.

She happily got him a drink and offered to give water to his camels, too!

Just like he had prayed!! God had answered his prayers!

The servant went to her and gave her beautiful jewelry. He asked her who her father was, and could he and his camels stay the night at her house?

She took the servant back to her home, where he met her brother, Laban. When they learned that Abraham had sent him and the Lord had shown him that Rebekah was the special woman that God had chosen for Issac's wife, they were so happy.

They left the camels and gifts with Laban and headed for Isaac's home.

When she saw Isaac in the distance, she was so excited. Rebekah wanted to be a special surprise for her husband, so she put on a veil.

Isaac and Rebekah got married right away.

And Isaac loved Rebekah very much-muuuah!

The Cast from left:
Abraham (who once had long flowing hair...Mini Cooper played with him and decided right away that he looked better with an Albert Einstien hair-do), The servant, Isaac, Rebekah and Laban. I tried using paint this time instead of marker (except Laban) and wasnt too pleased with my results. Next time I will try paint pens.

The Animals-2 Little People camels who willingly pretended to be a herd of 10 camels. I will be on the lookout for more.

The props-Wishing well, bucket, coffee cup, and jar are all from Hobby Lobby's dollhouse miniatures. Watering trough is a baby food jar lid with blue felt.

The costumes-pipe cleaners became necklaces (in lieu of the nose ring and bracelets), and I used a pipe cleaner threaded from tulle still left over from my own wedding for Rebekah's veil.

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Ticia said...

Every time you add one of these it makes me go over and check out the Godly Play website. Love all of your Story BOxes.

Anonymous said...

Love love love these!! Great job :-)

Ash said...

This is so awesome! Love it!

Simona said...

this is very sweet. we loved bible story plays so much as kids, i can't wait for my nephew to be old enough to play like this as well.
your little toys are just too cute, i'm especially fond of the camels :)

alljoinin said...

very lovely

Deb Chitwood said...

I love seeing the creative materials you use for preparing your materials. Using dollhouse miniatures from Hobby Lobby was a great idea! I featured one of your photos at