Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Mommy of Three (and a half)

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. I dont usually put any sort of stock in such superstitious days...but after yesterday I might rethink that LOL.

The day started normally. It was Friday-our school group/yard sailing/grocery shopping day. It was a beautiful summer like day. I dressed myself and the kids in our warm weather clothes-shorts, tee shirts, tank tops, flip flops.

It was my week to teach-and for my day I bring along 15 learning trays full of fun activities. So I scurried around getting things packed up, making my grocery shopping list, printing off the yard sales for the day from the Internet, finding shoes, changing a diaper, throwing food at my children...we got there just under the wire.

Class went really well! The kids were interested in the materials, the other mommies and I had a great conversation about curriculum. It was a great time to catch up and relax. It was AFTER class that everything went down hill.

I loaded up the kiddos and all my stuff and then ran through the drive-thru at Mickey D's to keep us held over while we went to a few yard sales.

First yard sale-FIRST ONE-Mustang announces to me-and everyone else-that she had to go to the bathroom and her tummy hurt so so so bad. The kind lady having the sale was nice enough to let her use the bathroom. So, I thought the worst was behind us.

A little background info here, Mini Cooper has been dealing with a few runny diapers this week. You will understand why you need to know this in a moment.

We continued on to 3 more yard sales. At the third one, at a very nice-upscale-house in a lovely neighborhood I might add...Charger announces-MOOOOM I pooped in my underwear!!! I thought I miss-heard him, so I asked him again what he said. So he YELLS it for all to hear. Lovely. He has been fully potty trained for months now, so I wasnt expecting this. I also figured he ment he had a little skid mark or something. So, I found another pair of underwear in the diaper bag and figured I'd change out his unders and be done.

WRONG. Oh. So. Wrong!!!! I went to the van with him and it was EVERYWHERE!! So, I cleaned him all up, stuck the other pair of underwear on him. Went BACK to the over-priced yard sale, paid 2.00 for a pair of used Wal-Mart shorts and thought the worst was behind us.

I should have gone home, but I wanted to stop by the fundraiser yard sale for our home school volleyball team and then we still had to go grocery shopping.

So, we went to the sale. While we were there, the temp dropped about 10 degrees, it was getting cool. A friend mentioned a great boys sale that she had just been to, so we packed up and went there hoping to get a few things for Charger. We pulled in and looked, all the while it was getting colder and colder. And Charger announces again-MOM I pooped in my underwear. Not again. *Sigh* I bought a few things, including another change of clothes for Charger, stuck everyone in the van and headed to Walmart. And to top it all off, it dropped another 5 or so degrees while we were at this sale.

First stop-the bathroom. Cleaned Charger up (I put a diaper on him this time), gave Mini Cooper a new diaper, put warmer clothes on everyone and loaded up the cart to do some grocery shopping.

Of course, as we shopped Mini Cooper (normally my good sweet one) decided to throw a FIT!!! She was crying and screaming because she wanted my list and pen. I would give them to her, but anytime I wanted to mark something off my list she would scream. This made for a number of stares from everyone in Wal-Mart.

Finally...time to check out. I let Mustang and Charger pick out a gift card for me to occupy them while I loaded my groceries on the belt. Mini Cooper was still crying because she wanted out of the cart. Mustang and Charger each chose a card couldnt decide on one, so I let Mini Cooper choose between the two. Charger's won so Mustang started crying. Charger thought I would give it to him, but I couldnt once it was loaded, so he started crying. So, yes, as I finished loading up the cart all THREE of my children were crying. Oh the stares. Did I mention I'm 16 1/2 weeks pregnant? I can only imagine the thoughts!!

We walk out into the now freezing temperatures-it was 22 degrees cooler then it had been when we left our house, blowing winds and RAIN.

Got home, unloaded the van while our stray adopted cat tried to climb into the van and run into the house (caught and took her out of the house at one point). Put all the perishables away, and left the other stuff to put away today. Fed everyone fried chicken and finally ate myself.

I was soo happy to be home in a warm house, with food, and no crying kids. Even if Blogger was down, I did a few things online, and figured that the day couldnt get worse. Then the power went off...

So I just went to bed.

BTW-at the end of the day I have a warm house, 3 healthy kids and a great husband. Warm clothes to put on, a van to drive in, and money to buy the groceries after I was able to physically take all three kids through the store that has plenty of things to buy for my family. I know I am blessed, some days are just easier then others :).

Hope your Friday the 13th was better then mine!!! God Bless you (especially if you read all this)!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you poor thing! What a hectic day! But you handled it so well. I'm sure your kids appreciated you not freaking out on them. And those people staring in Walmart? They're probably thinking, 'How DOES she do it all?'

Happy Weekend!! :o)

Kim said...

Oh my! So glad there aren't a lot of Friday the 13ths! I usually have really good luck on those days, but this year, we spent the day in the ER with hubby (he's ok now...), weed whacker broke and we had company coming, etc etc. Sheesh. Glad it's over!

Annette said...

Bless your heart! I was laughing, only b/c there are some days you think, what else?!? Up until recently I actually only had one grocery store that I shop at with both kids b/c of the carts. (Espcially after a few experiences of my youngest crying her head off in the check-out line and my son acting like a monkey that has no raising at all! All while the cashier is giving me dirty looks and the people behind me are shaking their heads. I want to tell them, it's rarely like this! Only in check-out lines at the grocery store! hehe And you think to yourself, if only I can get them home, fed, and down for a nap before I loose my sanity!!! hehe

And congratulations on #4!!! So excited for you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

whew what a day!! Glad you finally made it home with groceries and all.. glad it didn't start until after your homeschool group!

jess_hak said...

Oh dear that was a rough Friday the 13th. I must say that for what it's worth at least you got a lot of great stuff while garage saling! :) Also, while I am not superstitious, there was a happening at my house that day too. My husband (who was in Italy for the last 3 weeks) was supposed to get home at 6....he didn't make it home until 1am! The traffic in Chicago was horrendous and they went 80 miles in 3hrs. I must admit that I thought....stinking Friday the 13th. lol But I truly know what your day felt like...when you think nothing else could possibly go wrong and then it does. lol That's why God gave us moms a sense of humor. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.