Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: Friday the 13th

Blogger was down all day Friday, so it really threw off my posting-well that and the power being off lol! So, this post is a little late.

You may have read about my crazy yard sailing experience in my last post. But, in spite of all the challenges, we still found some great treasures!

My friend had a sale this weekend, and I was the first to look! These things are from her sale. All for Mustang, I paid a total of 16.50 for them.

5.00 bought this school desk and chair. I put it up in our school room and am interested to see if Mustang uses it. Currently we have a group table, but I want her to have the option of working alone if she wants.

The abacus in this picture was a God-send. In our BJU curriculum I read that I am going to need an abacus very soon. It even gave instructions on how to make one (um, no). So, I was on the look out. I was pleased to find this one for 2.00! The foam tiles were 3.00 and are for our basement floor. It is cement and our toys are down there. So, I'm always looking for more foam tiles.

My happy find this week were a ton of great books!!! I got them all at one Relay for Life sale. Some were newer, but there were a bunch of vintage books from a church Kindergarten that closed years ago (like maybe in the 70's).

My favorites were: Pelle's New Suit (Sonlight), 3 Vintage Little Golden Books-We Help Mommy, Come Play House, and Scuffy the Tugboat. The book without a title on the front is Play with Me (FIAR).

More books from the same sale. These are all religious books-the vintage ones are from the closed school. My favorites are My Book about God's World, and God Planned it that Way. I paid 4.50 total for all the books I bought!!!

Also shown in this picture are 3 stacks of older readers from Bob Jones and A Beka curriculum that I picked up at our home school volleyball team's fundraiser yard sale (that's a mouthful!) 2.00 for all.

Some great play clothes for Charger-including shorts which he needed! 4.00 for all-one pair is missing because he wore them home.

Last, but certainly not least, I got this great bunch of dresses for Mini Cooper and a nice, upscale, but slightly over priced sale. I ran into the overpriced stuff first (7.00 for ANYTHING Gymboree-yeah right), but digging a bit deeper I came out well.

From left-Ralph Lauren set, $3.00, Lands' End romper, 3.00, Baby LuLu Citrus Dress, 3.00, Chicken Noodle dress, 3.00, Baby LuLu velvet floral dress, $5.00, and a pair of Gymboree sandals, $2.00. The shoes were reasonably priced, and I should have bought more-oh well. The little sweater and capri set was from the home school sale and cost 40 cents.

So, those were my major finds. We did pick up a few odds and ends toys that the kids just had to have. They each get to pick out one 25 cent thing, and that keeps them from asking for things at every sale! Oh, and a pair of 2.00 Wal-mart brand shorts for Charger. But, at that point I was desperate (he had an accident).

Did you find anything good this week? I'd love to hear what you got! Check out My Life on a Taffy Pull to see what other great treasures were found this week.

God Bless!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Seems to me like you live in an AWESOME garage sale area! Next week there will be city wide garage sales in my suburb...I'm going to have a garage sale then too, but I'll leave my teenagers home to run it while I go out shopping! Whoop! :o)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful treasures! We were at a conference for church this weekend so I missed out again.. I hope to be able to go soon!

jess_hak said...

These are fantastic! I love when I find something that I really need and am looking for. lol on having to buy the shorts because of an accident. Sounds like something I would have to do. :) I'm late posting my finds, but I still plan on getting it up there either tonight or tomorrow.

Debbie said...

I've been so looking for a desk like the one you found. Someday I will run onto a good deal like that.

tracerscouponaffair said...

Wow you found some good finds! I love your blog! I grew up on a country road and when I seen your pic at the top with the fence it reminded me of my grandparents house...I am your new follower from Hop a Little Tuesday hop

Mandy said...

I love reading about your garage sale finds. Going to garage sales is my favorite weekend activity. This past weekend, we had our own garage sale so I couldn't go to too many. But, I did find a cute little bed in one of my neighbor's sales. My daughter had a bed, but this one was SO cute and matched her garden theme room. It's a little white fenced bed. She also included really cute bedding (that matched her room perfectly) with curtains, pillows and everything. I was very excited!