Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures: May 21

Well, I hope you found some great treasures yard saling this weekend, cause let me tell you-I DID!

It was our town's semi-annual garage sale weekend so, that meant sales were only 5 minutes away instead of 30. Which meant 2 days of yard saling. Plus, my DH was apparently in the yard sale mood and gave me extra funds so I got a few more things then normal! That said, it was raining Friday night, so I wasnt sure how well we'd do, but I'm very pleased with the results.

Picture books-25 cents or less for each one.

Chapter and treasury books. 4 Amelia Bedelia books, a Junie B Jones boxed set, 2 Magic Treehouse books, a Richard Scarry treasury (84 stories) and a Childcraft book of poems (HUGE score) for only 1.00, total. I went to one sale where they said books were 25 cents. So, I picked out all of these plus a few of the picture books and took them up to pay. When I got there, she said-1.00 for all!! I was happy. They gave my kids cookies too :). The other 3 books were 25 cents each.

5 maternity shirts for me. $1.25 total.

2 shirts, a pair of pjs, a pair of tennis shoes and 2 pair of shorts for Charger. $5.50 total.

For Mustang-2 hoodies for fall, a swim suit, flip flops, 2 pair of shorts, one pair of jammies, a tank top and a skirt. $9.75 total.

And Miss Mini Cooper MADE OUT. There are other kids in town that are Mustang's size and Charger's size, and like last year their parents (who are friends of ours) beat me to the 2 sales with their sizes. Mini is a different story. There are 2 different families that have a girl just above her in size-and no competition for purchase! I bought from them last year, and was thrilled to get to do it again this year!! I even found 2 other families that also had clothes in her size. I actually had to be selective so I didnt bring home way more then we needed (I already probably bought more then I should have). The things in this picture are for right now. 3 dresses, one capri set, one 4th of July short set and 2 pair pjs. $6.25 total.

For fall/winter. 2 hoodie sets (one Gap), 3 pant and top sets (jeans from Gap), Ralph Lauren dress, and 2 pair of pjs. The brown tee I love-it says Little Girl BIG Attitude. Very fitting for her! The sandals are for now-I missed them in the other picture. $10.70 total.

And these are for growing into. Mini is currently wearing the fancy dresses I bought at the same sales last year. $18 total (pretty dresses are where I splurge). The pink dress in the middle is one of my very favorite finds!!

School and other finds. Lacing cards 50 cents. Duck and sheep for story telling box-25 cents each. Ken doll 75 cents. Melissa and Doug Dino floor puzzle, 1.00. Tractor puzzle, 50 cents; and 2 binders, 25 cents each. Not pictured, a new Wiggles DVD 50 cents. Its no longer new. The kids have already watched it!

A little story about Ken. Before Christmas, Mustang owned exactly ONE Barbie doll. She asked for Barbies for Christmas. Afterwards, she owned 9 Barbies and one Ken. I feel the ratio of men to women is not good. So, I am on a mission to change that. When we see Barbies, Mustang asks to buy them. I will only buy Ken dolls. When we look in the box, we always find tons of Barbies and ONE Ken. We will be buying Ken dolls until we have 9. Of course, then I will need to find them clothes!!

And last but not least, this fun little find. 3.00 for this mailbox-right in the middle of our Post Man unit. I love how God provides fun little treasures for us!

Whew, so that was a haul!!! I hope you found some great treasures, too! I'm linked up at My Life on a Taffy Pull, I hope you will too!


Debbie said...

Look at that Richard Scarry Book there. I have always been a huge fan of his children's books. In fact I believe my older children had that book. If only I would have known I was going to be raising Selena, I would have kept all those books.

Emily said...

Wow, you did great garage sale(s) today! I haven't done this recently, but maybe since school's done I can do some of this! :) Congrats on your finds! God is certainly good!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Love what you found! When I was loading up my truck with the left overs from my garage sale I found a few more things that I had bought, but they got left in the truck. That made me happy! I'm going to a used curriculum sale this week.

Anonymous said...

What a great week!! I went out on Saturday and found 4 shirts for Sammy for right now. It took some hard work finding them.. but now he is set until fall/winter. I will need some pants for then. So my guess the next time I can go out I will find some pants since God keeps providing for us! Love the Barbie story!

S Club Mama said...

those are great finds. You must live in a great place to find those things. I never find such good things on garage sales :S