Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Police Unit

Our unit over the last few weeks has been about Police Men and women. I am glad to say we are finally done!! Here is a recap of the things we did for our unit.

We used the Memory Verse from 2 Teaching Mommies, Psalm 16:1. They made a nice printable with the verse on it.

We sang the song 'Stop and Let me Tell You.' I tried and tried but could not find an author for this song. I found a very similar one, but not the song I remembered from my childhood. I did type up a song sheet which can be downloaded here.


We read a few different books, but this is the only one worth highlighting. Detective LaRue Letters from the Investigation by Mark Teague. It is more of a detective book then a police book, but I think it all goes together.

Following our BJU curriculum, I made a matching alphabet set. The hats have uppercase letters and the badges have lowercase. It took me a long time to make, and I wish I would have found the matching uppercase/lowercase in Jolanthe's (Homeschool Creations) Police Lapbook pack before I did all the work!

Our unit before this one was about firemen, so I made a review game. Here, Mustang is sorting things that firemen use and things that policemen use. I put stars on the back for self-checking. The game can be downloaded here

Charger practiced his writing by helping the policemen catch the robbers. This is from the People who Keep us Safe pack from 2Teaching Mommies.


Charger worked on the police count and clip cards I made for him. They can be downloaded here.

Mustang worked on the count and color strips I made. They can be downloaded here.

Mustang worked on patterns from the Homeschool Creations Policeman Pack. I'll be honest that she really didnt need work on patterns, but she LOVES doing them for some reason. So I knew she would like these.

She reviewed letters N,I,S,& T with this color by letter policeman I made. It can be downloaded here. Excuse the was snack time :).


I saw this cute post on Counting Coconuts and our lesson plans suggested something similar, so I thought we'd give finger print animals a try. It didnt go as planned, but we did have fun!

Mini Cooper really just wanted to play with the markers.

Charger wanted to cover the paper in finger prints without markings.

And Mustang loved the idea, but wanted to do it all herself. She came up with some cute stuff!

This is a butterfly.

And these were sunglasses!!


We played Red Light, Green Light. Fun was had by all!

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Hope you had a great week! God Bless!!


Debbie said...

What would a police unit study be without a good game of red light green light? Those last three pictures are so sweet.

Giggly Girls said...

Fun unit and great printables!! I did the same thing with our recent princess unit. Made a bunch of printables and then found that others had too. Oh well, mine were different so I used them all. LOL

Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun week :-) I love the red light green light fun!